Think chic individual pieces that can be dressed up or down for any occasion making it easy to go from the office to the party. Here at Missguided we love the cool vibe this look gives as it is so versatile. Add a pair of heals and a leather jacket to give edge and gain cool points. Or dress down with a floaty vest and some cool trainers.

Shop Tailored Pieces

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Here at Missguided, we’re seriously prepping for the inevitably-soon colder months and with our new trends hitting the site, it’s hard not to conform to winter dressing already. But whilst our wardrobes are getting a huge overhaul, we got to thinking – what about our spaces that hold us when the winter blues just get too much? Don’t they deserve to be involved in the trends too? Yes. Yes they do.

Check out our favourite interior inspo to match our upcoming Autumn/Winter trends so you can truly look amazing in and outdoors this season.

room inspiration

aw14 room design

Carnaby Girl

Girly pinks and retro prints make up this trend – yet if you’re not brave enough to embrace the whole ‘Barbie’ look just yet, there are some amazing accessories out there which can make a huge impact.

aw14 room design

room inspiration

League of their Own

Monochrome interiors are super versatile and sometimes, less is more when it comes to cosiness. Our chosen pop of colour within this trend is cobalt blue but as you can see in the image below, any bright colour can work just as well such as yellows, hot pinks and neon oranges.

room inspiration

how to decorate the home with florals

Winter Gardens

Florals for spring may not be ‘ground breaking’, but when you work darker colours and floral patterns together into the winter months, it’s pretty much genius – especially for those that are not quite ready to let go of summer.

room inspo

winter home design

Nordic Fairytale

This trend was the main inspiration for our A/W press day this year and for obvious reasons. Wood, antlers, fur and huge church candles are possibly the cosiest of them all and what’s best is that the majority of this trend can all be done DIY-style. You can thank us for the rainy-day-indoor-project ideas later…

room inspiration for winter

room design

Rocky Mountain

If there’s a trend that makes us want to wrap about 10 scarves around our necks, layer up several coats and live in our boots all winter, then this is the one. We might not be lucky enough to wake up to snowy mountains, piney forests and the occasional moose but worn wood, forest green accessories and cute check throws will do for now.

room inspiration for winter

room inspiration

Queen of the Jungle

If you’re just totally a winter fiend and root for summer all the way, you can always fake the warm climate and pretend you’re in a jungle instead? The animal prints that dominate this trend look awesome with suede, embossed leather and regal golds. If you have the space, add a plant or two just to really embrace the authentic jungle theme.

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We pulled model Joanna aside to chat about all things beauty, fashion trends, summer and well, Jo! We get up close and personal with the Missguided beauty and find out what Joanna gets up to when she isn’t in front of the camera.

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Long hair, don’t care. Erm, we definitely do care! Kylie Jenner has been teasing us with Instagram pics of her new long, luscious locks and we can’t get enough. At Missguided HQ we’re dreaming of Rapunzel-esque hair- the longer, the better! Whilst we don’t have a hairdresser on hand, we do have some insane tips on how to whip that mane in to tip top shape + get it longer than ever without a weave!

Cut it! Regular trims every 6-8 weeks will stop your ends from snapping. Hair will grow back healthier and stronger.

Step away from the heat. This will damage and dry out your hair. Try drying your hair in a top knot to get beach babe waves or rollers for VA VA volume.

Go au natural with colour. Dying your hair will damage it and it needs to be nourished! Stay away from harsh colouring and try lemon juice to lighten your locks if you’re blonde.

Ready, set, GROW!

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It’s been cake-mania ever since Great British Bake off hit our TV screens. From 3 tiered sponges, meringue roulades and plaited fresh loaves, #GBBO has had the nation lusting after treats and delights. We’re taking our sweet tooth online, as we scour the web high and low to find Missguided’s top 10 cakes on the internet.

WARNING! The below images may provoke undesired fits of hunger. View with caution.

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakes

missguided top 10 cakestop 10 missguided cakes

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Over the weekend we caught with Jess, the super cool chick behind the Australian blog Material Culture.  If you’re into experimental modern fashion with a 90’s twist, this is the blog for you! Find endless outfit inspo and killer images on her blog and Instagram.

Material Culture Interview

interview with material culture blog

Blogger Interview with Material Culture

interview with Material Culture

What’s the story behind your blog?

 I started blogging once I deferred my uni course and realized I had A LOT of spare time on my hands. My boyfriend at the time (who is still a really close friend) encouraged me to start it but I wasn’t 100 % sure/confident so we started it together and then Material Culture became our love child. 

Can you give a quick overview on your blog content?

It is made up of mostly outfit posts that consist of clothing pieces from my favorite fashion labels. I hope to start featuring other bloggers on Material Culture soon also! 

Who or what is the biggest inspiration behind your blog?

As cheesy as this is going to sound, I have been my biggest inspiration. I never really thought that the blog woud take off the way it has and everyday I try and push myself to do bigger and better things.

 Are you a full-time or part-time blogger?

I work part-time at Topshop so currently a part-time blogger.

How did you come up with your blog name? 

I’ll never forget the moment we came up with the name Material Culture. My boyfriend and I were eating at the fanciest Japanese restaurant I’ve ever been to. Instead of focusing on what to order we were focusing on what to call the blog. Kerem was studying sociology at the time and had just learnt about Material Culture and it seemed relevant for a blog name.

Do you find it hard to juggle your blogging with work and social life?

Scheduling photoshoots is probably the hardest part because it’s hard to free up time to shoot when I have work.  I try and juggle the two so I have time for both.

Where do you get your outfit inspiration?

It’s drawn mainly from the wonderful world I like to call the internet. There are so many resources available to us bloggers these days. One day my inspiration can come from someone I’m following on Instagram and another day something I’ve seen on Pinterest. 

What social media platforms do you think works best for blogging and increasing followers?

The gram, I honestly think it is the future.

What’s the most challenging thing about blogging?

Trying to stand out amongst other fashion bloggers. 

 What’s the biggest perk about blogging?

Having the opportunity to work with incredible brands.

 Have you got any exciting blog plans coming up that you can let us in on?

I’m travelling to Europe for three months and lets just say I have a few very exciting pieces that I will packing in my luggage. Hint hint: Material Culture on tour.

 What are your tips for blog photography?

I’ve been lucky enough to have my own photographer who is an absolute babe and just gets my vision. But I’d say:

1.know how to use a camera

2.focus on details 

3. have a clear idea about the way you want your photos to look.

 What’s the one piece of clothing you couldn’t live without and why?

I wouldn’t say clothing I’d say my KTZ shoes that I received as a birthday present. I think if anything ever happened to them I would cry for hours on end. I don’t wear them as much as I should but that’s because they are the most expensive pair of shoes I own and my first designer piece. 

 What’s the one beauty product you couldn’t live without and why?

My limited edition Bad Gal RiRi lipstick – it’s the perfect shade and matches everything I wear. 

 What are you currently obsessed with?

The song Real by Years and Years – I actually get happy tears listening to it.  

 If you could meet any top blogger, who would it be and why?

At the moment I’m girl crushing on Vanessa Hong from The Haute Pursuit. 

Every outfit of hers is styled to complete perfection and I love the way she’s been working Nike into her posts lately-  10/10 on the babe scale!  

 What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?

Have a clear idea about how you are going to stand out amongst other bloggers. I see way too many girls these days calling themselves bloggers when really all they are doing is re blogging someone else’s work on Tumblr. 

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New Season Footwear - Missguided

Step into the Shoeseum and take a tour of the most precious footwear collection to date. New and exclusive for AW14, footwear takes a trip back in time with classic 60s style Chelsea boots. Fast-forward to the nineties and it’s all about Timberland-esque heavy-hitters with shearling details and cleated soles. Trust your animal instincts and go wild for reptile, leopard and croc prints, or keep it classy with block heels, brogues and loafers in oxblood red. Bag your ticket to the greatest shoe on earth, launching 9.9.14…

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Missguided Pinterest Competition

Want to win a new Missguided Wardrobe worth £150?

Head over to the Missguided Pinterest and get involved! We want to see what’s pin-spiring you for the new season.


1. Follow Missguided on Pinterest

2. Create your own ‘Missguided AW14’ board – make sure this is your board title.

3. Re-pin your favourite Missguided New Season looks using #MissguidedAW14click here to view the board and get started!

4. Build your board and show off your style with outfits, accessories and inspo! Make sure to include plenty of pins from the Missguided New Season board. There’s no limit to how many pins you need to add – so get inspired.

You’ve got until the competition closes on Sunday 28th September 11:59PM BST to enter – good luck!

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missguided sunday

missguided sunday

missguided sundaymissguided sunday

missguided sunday

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A Fashion Fix blogger Hannah Crosskey is our most recent blogger crush – she is our go-to-girl for making simplistic outfits look great.

We love how she teams slouchy and laid back outfits with pool sliders for that ultra-cool look and works a tailored outfit better than anyone else – she definitely gets a thumbs up from us!

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