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Meet The Missguided Barbie Dolls

So, dreams really do come true and our very own Missguided Barbie Dolls have landed in HQ. Could they be more amazing? Just LOOK.AT.THEM. (more…)

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The Rise of Barbie

After being at the top of every girl’s Christmas list for over 55 years, Barbie has become a global icon inspiring girls everywhere to be anything they want to be. She has had over 180 careers and counting. Here we take a look back at how it all started… (more…)

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The July Hotlist – Where do the celebs go in July?

Yes, it’s July already, so naturally we ask ourselves where are all the celebs going this month? One thing is for sure, in summer they all prefer the beach, the sea, the sun and maybe a super exclusive yacht. (more…)

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The Ibiza Edit- What We Got Up To On The Ibiza Influencer Trip

If there’s one place in the world we belong, Ibiza wins every time. It’s hands down our spiritual home and, this summer, we took along six #babesofmissguided for a 3-day true Ibiza experience. (more…)

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