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How To Get Sh*t Done

Time management not really your thing? Here’s some tips that might help, and remember, Beyonce wasn’t built in a day, cheers... (more…)

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10 Working Commandments from the people bossing it RN

This whole work/life/career thing can be a bit, well, challenging to say the least. So we’ve asked 10 babes in the industry to let us in on their top working commandment to hopefully make your working life a bit easier. Pens at the ready, you can thank us later… (more…)

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Career profile: Stylist, Mikiel Benyamin

If like us, you’ve been obsessing over Keke Palmer and Cardi B’s wardrobe this year then it’s time to meet the man behind both babe’s new approach to dressing. Enter stylist Mikiel “Maikeeb” Benyamin. (more…)

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June moodboard

New month, new mood. It’s June…when did that happen!? (more…)

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