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MG unicorn profiles: our evening dresses buyer


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Babes on the rise: An interview with fire illustrator Sophie Rose Brampton

Like what you see? We caught up with freelance illustrator Sophie Brampton to talk female empowerment, babe power mottoes and motivational tracks that make you feel like you'll own anything and everything. (more…)

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How to nail your job application

After that dream role? Here is how to nail a job application and get noticed, quick. (more…)

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MGHQ unicorn profiles: our general counsel and company secretary

Name: Bhavisha Mistry Title at MG: General Counsel and Company Secretary Been at Missguided for: 2 years, 1 month About me: I pride myself on not being a typical lawyer – I am 4ft11”, Asian and female. Whilst it is certainly important to know your stuff in the field, you don’t have to adhere to stereotypes.  The suit doesn’t make you knowledgeable – your knowledge makes you knowledgeable. I believe with hard work...

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