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Celebs in activewear

If you've got to work out you may as well look hot doing it. Here are the celebs nailing activewear. (more…)

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An interview with Sophia Miacova

New year, new you? No, new year, better you. It's a babes right to be the very best version of herself as ultimate babe Sophia Miacova knows, she works hard and plays harder, inspiring us to get in formation, get fit and look hot doing it. We caught up with her to chat tips for getting the body you want and the key pieces you need to keep you looking...

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5 minute post-Christmas ab workout

Christmas is for over-indulgence and as far as we're concerned there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s for arguing over the Celebrations chocolate hierarchy and continuing to eat them all regardless.  But all this indulgence can leave us feeling a little lacklustre to say the least. (more…)

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Workout Playlist

Wanna know what the Missguided staff work out to?  Here’s Senior Brand & Influencer Exec El’s top tracks to add to your own gym playlist and start the week out right… (more…)

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