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We caught up with Berlin-born singer songwriter Nina to talk about her latest track 'One Of Us', dream festival line-ups and what's on the agenda for the rest of 2017... (more…)

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#MissguidedDiscovered: New Music From Sub Focus and Alma

We caught up with Sub Focus and Alma to talk about their new track ‘Don’t You Feel It’, what they’re listening to rn and what’s on the agenda for the rest of 2017. (more…)

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#MissguidedDiscovered: Leon Of Athens

We caught up with Leon Of Athens to talk about his new track ‘Aeroplane,’ his upcoming album and what he’s listening to rn. (more…)

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#MissguidedDiscovered: Becca D

We caught up with MTV presenter, DJ, owner of DEADLY and all-round mega-babe Becca D ahead of her set at Farr Festival to chat careers, highlights and what she thinks we should be listening to this summer. (more…)

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