#babesofmissguided: Fiona Siciliano on #LoveThyself

At Missguided we are on a mission to empower babes everywhere to love themselves, be proud of who they are and own what makes them unique. As part of our new campaign #LoveThyself we caught up with model and all round mega-babe Fiona to find out what she thinks about self-love, how she picks herself up when she’s feeling blue and her top tips for self-care.


What do you love about yourself?

I love my big brown eyes and my loud personality. I feel like I am a good listener and offer good advice but never take my own.

Why do you think it’s important to love yourself?

It’s important to love yourself because the greatest gift to give yourself – is yourself. Self-love. Love is important for our well-being. Before you can have any successful relationship with anyone else you need to respect and appreciate and love yourself.

How do you treat yourself when you are feeling blue?

When I’m blue I listen to music. It instantly picks me up. It has to be a specific genre. I like jhene aiko.

What are your best tips for self-care?

Read self-motivation books

Stop comparing yourself to others

Don’t overthink- it’s not the end of the world

Do something that’s a thrill every now and again

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Photographer/MUA @larrnarr

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