#babesofmissguided – Jade Laurice on #LOVETHYSELF

Jade Laurice is one of our ultimate girl crushes RN, as one of the babes who inspired us all in our #MakeYourMark campaign with her no f*cks given attitude and radiating self-confidence. Alongside her killer insta-feed, she is also a model, artist and designer, hand-painting inspiring and empowering portraits and quotes across jackets, tops and accessories for one of a kind fashion pieces with a strong statement.

We asked her for some empowering quotes to support our #LOVETHYSELF campaign, as well as shooting the cutest looks for Valentines Day. We can’t get enough of pink and red together, and Jade shows us exactly how it’s done!



“I’m not for mass consumption or everyone’s cup of tea but I’m so much more happier being a niche to the people who appreciate it.”


“Being a masterpiece is ultimately dressing and painting your face exactly how you want; Being your own piece of art.”


“It’s my body – so I’ll dress it exactly how I want because ultimately it belongs to me.”


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“I love dressing up and being a new woman every day but still always being me, it makes life so much more interesting!”

“As a woman, the way you treat and speak to yourself is the most important thing. “



“Everyday I work harder on my character, my energy and my wisdom rather than my reputation.”


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Shot by @johngriffinphotography