5 Minutes with Tallia Storm

We caught up with singer song-writer and all-round mega babe Tallia Storm to chat about her latest single ‘The Good Lie’, her fashion and beauty essentials and what we can expect for her debut album ‘Teenage Tears’

Tallia Storm

Hey Tallia, how are you?

Hey ladies, I am really well thank you – especially excited about what 2018 is going to bring!

Your latest single The Good Lie is out now, what can we expect?

The Good Lie is one of my most favourite songs from my debut album ‘Teenage Tears’ – the song itself is a fun dig at an issue that affects all of us Gen Z cohorts in the way we recite the ‘good’ lies of Instagram. I shot the music video for the song during summer to highlight the harsh reality of our now ‘accepted’ exaggerated truths if you like or lies as it is in all honesty, on social media. The vast majority of us are a little artistic with the truth on our social feeds. We cheat, exaggerate and even spin our visual identities. It’s not that we’re intending to be cruel or deceiving, we do it because it looks better. My life if full of good lies and I’m not ashamed to admit it. This was the concept of the video, in fact, you might say it’s the point of Instagram. For me it was about the fact that the private jet didn’t leave the tarmac, the Grey Goose was in fact water, the coast line wasn’t St. Tropez but Jersey in the Channel Islands and I had never met the girls before the shoot. So I hope that one of these ‘Good Lies’ might ring a bell to one or two of you. Harmless fun or are we heading down a dangerous path of no return as we get addicted to portraying fake fun or fake lives on social media? It’s an important discussion to be had.

What are your 3 style must-haves?
Heeled boots, sunglasses and hooped earrings – I live for my accessories. No matter what you are wearing you can always count on an accessory to spice up your look.

You can only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what is it?
A sequin jumpsuit- I don’t believe there is such a thing as being overdressed! I live by who I am with my fashion, not who the world wants me to be.

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would it be?
Gigi Hadid – she is so effortlessly chic – she is constantly pushing boundaries yet still knows how to always keep it classy.

What are your beauty essentials for when you’re travelling?
I am religious about my skin care routine. Due to the nature of my job I wear a lot of makeup almost every day, especially during the filming of my upcoming E4 show. I cleanse and exfoliate every night & moisturise twice a day. I don’t think you have to spend a fortune on face creams, but it’s nice when you can. I have worn the same Neutrogena face cream for the past 3 years and swear by it.

Tallia Storm
Who would be in your ultimate girl gang?
My ultimate girl gang would be eclectic mix of music & cultural talent with a 19 year old Beyonce, a 19 year old Meryl Street, a 19 year old Simone de Beauvoir and myself. We would gather in Paris, sing and put the world to right!

Our latest campaign #KeepOnBeingYou is all about being unique and owning it, what does being yourself mean to you?
I’m very lucky in that I was brought up to believe that we are all unique with special qualities and that we can do anything we set our minds to. It’s important that we are allowed to be who we are, not to conform to societies stereotypes. We must push boundaries, reach for the stars, dare to dream big and celebrate imperfections after all, imperfections are what make us so special and individual. This year belongs to you, me, all of us – we are in control, we mustn’t forget that. If you want change – go get it!

What advice do you have for people breaking into the industry?
To quote my mother, she says ‘get up, dress up, show up & never give up’ and that’s our motto. Regardless of what area you are pursing whether it’s music, acting, creative industries, sports, we must have the drive and passion to succeed. You need to be focused, relentless not matter what up’s and downs are along the way and keep pushing. I have been singing since I was a child, I got my big break with Sir Elton John when I was just 13 years of age, I haven’t stopped hustling, writing songs, doing my thing. You have to believe you have what it takes, you need hustle and some good fortune or luck along the way and the world can be yours. Keep crafting your sound, putting music out there and sharing. There is no time limit – be prepared to wait and put in the hours!


Tallia Storm

Your debut album Teenage Tears is out now, what’s the inspo behind it?
Think Amy Winehouse meets Frank Ocean – a real R&B / soulful album. For me, this album is a rollercoaster of emotions – real, raw and honest. It’s a collection of teenage stories from my life. The track ‘Everyday’ was the most emotional for me as my mum was fighting a cancer battle in 2017 which thankfully she came out the other side. I threw myself into song writing when I was struggling to cope and ‘Everyday’ is the result. The other songs are a collection of work I have been doing for the past few years. There are very few UK acts doing R&B, the labels want you to conform to pop and what is trending but that isn’t being true to the artist. We must be able to write the kind of music that we chose – not what a stranger chooses for you. This album is me. There are jazz influences in there too as I have been signing jazz since I was a child. Ultimately the album is about growing up. My highs, lows, love, life and some generally crap periods in there too – but it’s authentic. You can stream ‘Teenage Tears’ everywhere now!

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