Babes On The Rise: Talulah-Eve

She’s appeared on BNTM, walked for Giles Deacon and launched a clothing collab… 2017 has been a huge year for Talulah-Eve. We caught up with model, influencer, activist and mega-babe Talulah-Eve to talk empowerment, being a role model and upcoming projects. 


What does a day in the life of you look like?

As one of the UK’s leading transgender models, influencer and advocate, I’m always throwing myself into new and challenging projects. Some days I’ll be at a photoshoot and other days I’ll be on set filming for shows and having meetings.

At the moment I have some cool projects that I’m working on, one being a film that I’m starring in. And the other I can’t say too much about but I’m in the studio recording a lot of new material.

What does empowerment mean to you?

True empowerment is being strong enough to stand by your own actions and decisions and be fearless when criticised. Women have died for us to vote, to wear what we want and for that, we should all come together to continue the legacy they’ve left.

What has been your proudest career moment?
This year I have achieved so much from being the first transgender woman on BNTM and most recently being named the Sexiest Transgender Woman in the World. But so far I am most proudest of breaking down barriers in the fashion industry, with my summer collaboration with Forever Unique, which has just been nominated for a Drapers award – as well as working with some amazing brands like yourselves. Amazing how so much can change in a year!

You made history when you appeared on Britain’s Next Top Model and again recently when you became the first British transgender model to walk London Fashion Week, what does this mean to you?

Achieving all of what I have in such a short space of time means that not just the fashion industry, but society is finally wanting and ready to embrace women like myself.

The trans community has come such a long way over the years and there’s no denying that there’s still a long way to go, but evidently we’re on the right path! I came into the industry at the right time and I came to enforce a movement. A message that not just myself, but our community is here to stay, to be celebrated and to be treated equally. I wanted to show that I can do what any other woman can do and so far I think I have proved that with the achievements I have made.

You’re an advocate for trans rights would you describe yourself as a role model?

My journey into womanhood is something I hope has and always will inspire the younger generation! I feel a responsibility to inspire, as I understand it’s so important to have someone to look up to. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a role model, but it’s nice to know that people look up to me and follow in my footsteps.


What has been the most exciting project you’ve been involved in?

The two projects that I’m working on now! Acting has always been something that I’ve wanted to pursue and the character I’m playing suits me perfectly. The other project is building my confidence everyday and I’m discovering hidden talents that I didn’t know I had. It’s all super creative in my life at the moment and I love it!

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d describe my style as bold and quirky, I like a bit of skin and love different textures. I think of my style as dress up!

Who would be in your ultimate girl gang?

Naomi Campbell, Ru Paul, Adele and Rihanna

If you could steal anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Either Zendaya or Rihanna

Which emoji best describes you?

🚀 because I’m always on a mission!

What advice do you have anyone wanting to break into the industry?

Be fearless and be real. Things always spring up out of the blue so make sure you’re always ready to deliver!

What’s your life motto?

She who dares wins

What’s on the agenda for the rest of the year/any projects you can tell us about?

I have the two projects I mentioned earlier and potentially another TV project in the pipeline, but we’ll have to wait and see for that one!

Wanna know more about Talulah-Eve? Follow her on Insta @misstalulaheve 

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