Meet Noemi, Copenhagen-based singer, songwriter and model. She wants us to #LOVETHYSTRETCHMARKS.

“Accept your body as it is, accept yourself as it is and allow yourself to feel good no matter the circumstances. From there on it’s easier to find more things that you feel good about.”

Noemi grew up spending her time between the Dominican Republic and Denmark, she now models for brands across the world, alongside her successful music career. 

We found out what body confidence means to her.

Q: How did you become so body confident?

A: I have never been this confident, I was so insecure when I was younger and I still have insecurities today. It’s tough because insecurities stick really deep and they are hard to work off. The best way is to try and find confidence within. I know it sounds cliche, but if you find validation from outside, someone can always take that away from you, so you need to isolate yourself and find that confidence inside. I’m still kind of doing that myself.

Q: What woman inspires you to feel confident about yourself?

A: I think I have to say Rhianna, she’s just gone through so many phases in her life. She’s been super skinny and gained a lot of weight, but she’s just like owning it no matter what. She doesn’t give a shit if people talk trash.

Q: What part of your body do you love the most?

A: I love my whole body because it always keeps me alive, no matter what I do to it, it’s definitely great for its surviving skills. Also on a side note, I think my ass is nice.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is feeling low on their body confidence?

A: I would tell them, instead of hating your body and the way it looks, be grateful for the fact that it keeps you alive every day. Try and work with and help it, rather than against it. Because when you’re hating on it, you’re not helping it to keep you alive and it’s your only home.