Q+A: This babe wants to empower everyone through dance

Meet Carly-Ann Purcell, the founder and director of empowering dance troupe Neptune Girls. We sat down with her to talk all things positivity, music and self love!

Carly-Ann of Neptune Girls

She started running a Wednesday night dance class back in 2016, with an aim to create an open space for babes to build confidence and self-esteem. Neptune Girls has since developed into an empowering movement and we are 100% here for it.

In the spirit of sisterhood, Neptune Girls also created their own version of Missguided’s #LOVETHYSELF. Now THIS is what we’re talking about…
Watch the video below and scroll down for the Q+A

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Q+A with founder and director of Neptune Girls, Carly-Ann Purcell

Q: Hey Carly, can you give us a quick explanation of Neptune Girls and the work you do?

A: Neptune Girls is an Empowerment Movement. We are passionate about creating physical and virtual spaces that are safe, judgement free, inclusive and uplifting. We offer empowerment dance classes, self love workshops, Life Coaching and all round sass for everyone! We are also advocates for Body Positivity and Mental Health.

Neptune girls dancing

Q: How did the group get started?

A: I wanted to start a dance class/movement for adults that was totally empowering and would help people build their confidence and self esteem. I started a Wednesday night class back in 2016 in Portsmouth. Initially I thought it would just be the one dance class but it became so much more than that. Since starting Neptune Girls I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the most amazing and inspiring people! I now have a brilliant team around me and we cannot wait to reach more and more people with our empowering and sassy message!

Q: What’s your favourite moment from working with Neptune Girls?

A: There are lots, but the best and the most heart-warming thing for me is seeing a complete transformation in someone! Someone will come to class, shy, hiding at the back, not very confident, a little unsure of themselves and then after a while I see them come out of their shell and start to totally radiate! Seeing their newfound confidence and seeing them embrace themselves as they are is just the best thing ever!

Neptune girls group

Q: What do you want women to take away from a Neptune Girls dance class?

A: That they are enough! That they are beautiful! That they do not need to be perfect to be accepted! And that they are capable of so much!

Q: What are your top 5 empowering tunes to dance to?

  1. The Greatest Showman, This Is Me
  2. Christina Aguilera, Cant Hold Us Down
  3. Kesha, Woman
  4. Demi Lovato, Confident
  5. Jessie J, Queen

Q: What would you change the Missguided #LOVETHY___ to and why?

#LOVETHYSELF Because loving who you are is the key to true self acceptance and happiness. If we can love ourselves holistically loving our bodies will become much easier.

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