Meet Rex, she is a model, creative director and body positive activist. She wants us to #LOVETHYBIGBOOBIES. 


“It’s only this year that I started to enjoy my boobs. I had no control over their growth- they were going from a C cup to a G cup on a monthly basis. I was really struggling and trying to hide them under loads of stuff and one day I just realised, this is how it is!”.

“Since puberty, I’ve lived my whole life with these and I’ve been fine. I’ve just poisoned my own mind with the belief that it’s been a terrible journey, when it hasn’t. I just had an epiphany where I was like ‘hey, I’ve got them, I might as well give them some love'”

Rex is 25 and she spends her days shooting for glossy mags and running her own ethical swimwear brand, Away That Day. She also uses her social media platforms to spread body positive messages on Instagram. 
Currently living in London, Rex takes to her Insta stories to share her experience of the fashion industry, her battles with mental health and the importance of loving the skin you’re in.

“Though life might not be going the way you want at any point, just remember that as long as you stay strong, stay positive, give yourself a break and love yourself, it’s gonna be great. Tomorrow is a new day, you’ve got this”.

We spent the day with Rex to find out what body positivity really means to her.

Q: Tell us something you love about your body

A: I love my legs, they carry me everywhere, they have so much stamina, luckily they have permanent muscle definition so I haven’t had to work on them for a long time.

Q: How did you become body confident? 

A: It took a lot of working on myself. By allowing myself to experience negative feelings, I understood that they weren’t going to last forever. My body is magical, it can create life, it is strong and has nothing wrong with it, thank goodness. I should be very grateful for what I’ve been given. As long as I look after it, I’m good.

Q: What body confidence advice would you give to your younger self?

A: Please love who you are! I look back on the images where I can see in my eyes that I was unhappy with who I was, or the way I looked. Now I realise that I was stunning, I was beautiful then. I wasn’t the size or shape that I’d imagined myself to be or told myself I was. 

Q: Tell us something that you have learned to love about your body?

A: I’ve never had a flat stomach with abs, no matter how much I’ve worked out or dieted. I’ve been lucky enough to come to the realisation that my body is made to create life. That little podge is going to protect whatever goes inside it at some point in my life. Love your belly, love your rolls.

Q: What has the Missguided #LoveThySelf shoot meant to you?

A: Everything that I have done today and every story that I have heard has enabled me to branch even further out of my shell. It has allowed me to understand that no matter what’s happening, everyone’s going through it. Everyone is surviving and as long as we group up, it’s all going to be fine.