Meet Sophie, she is a model, dancer, fire performer and burns survivor. She wants us to #LOVETHYSCARS.

“Your scars are you and without them it may be a different story. Be proud that your body healed itself and saved you from a dark time.”


Sophie is 24 and has been dancing and modelling her whole adult life. Her world was turned upside down in an accident during a performance last year. 

“I was fire breathing in America and when I blew the fire out, there was a complication with the air conditioning. It was a freak accident it was blown back into my face. I was set on fire from the chest, all the way up to my face and along my hair. I’m very lucky to be here”

She is an incredible woman that has come back from a life-threatening experience, stronger and more empowered than ever. Sophie shared her journey with her Instagram followers, inspiring them to fight all battles that life throws at you.

We spoke to Sophie to find out what body positivity means to her…

Q: What advice would you give someone who was struggling with body confidence?

A: I thought that I loved myself before my accident happened, when really I was more critical of my body than ever. I was so harsh on myself to try and fit into a category which in reality doesn’t exist. Perfection is fabricated, it’s something that we think is a set way to be. Never aspire to be anyone but the best version of yourself, because you’re never going to be anyone but you.

Q: How did you learn to love your body?

A: As a dancer and a model, my body was always a huge deal. I had to maintain a specific weight, be a certain body type and have a certain look. That really does start to make you wonder, am I enough? Then it all changed when I got my scar, I was just thankful to be alive. That’s why I think I am enough and I am amazing. You should be so proud of yourself that you’ve made it today and just be happy to be here.

Q: How did you find self-love?

A: It’s taken a lot of time and self-destruction to find self-love. I truly believe that you only find happiness through sadness, because when you go through those hard times, you appreciate the happier times so much more. 

It makes you realise how the things that we get angry about are so minor and they don’t actually matter. What really matters is having your family and your friends and being able to breathe, live, see and eat.

Q: If you are feeling down about your body, what 2 things do you do?

A: 1. First of all, if you’re having a bad day, allow yourself to have those emotions. Have a cry or a scream, have a walk, do what you need to do to release that energy.

2. Time alone is just as important as time with other people. You need to find self-happiness before relying on other people to make you happy. You will just be happier without having to rely on other people being around you.

Q: What has the Missguided #LoveThySelf shoot meant to you?

A: Today is so important because I didn’t realise how much of an impact it would have meeting everyone. Being a part of this experience has made me realise how empowering it is just being a woman and just embracing ourselves.