13 Things Scarier Than Friday 13th

Many of us think of Friday 13th as being the scariest day of the year, but we’ve rounded up 13 things that are actually way more terrifying. 👇

  1. Waking up and checking your bank account after a night out

Does anyone else avoid looking at their online banking for at least three days after a night out? We would rather our card decline when we are trying to buy a hangover Maccies, than face the number on the screen.

2. The pressure of ordering in a fancy-ass cocktail bar

There’s nothing like the feeling of everyone watching you take the first sip of a grim cocktail that just set you back £8.50. Never admit that you chose wrong, just sip on it and dream of your go-to Pornstar Martini.

3. Seeing a reply from someone you don’t remember messaging

That horrible feeling when you check your phone after a night out and see multiple replies to messages you DO NOT remember sending. The shame of it all. Friday 13th has nothing on this.

4. The fear of being home alone

Forget Friday 13th, drying your hair, running to the toilet in the middle of the night and hoovering are possibly the scariest things ever. Why do we always convince ourselves that someone is creeping up on us? 😷

5. When your knees start to develop and you realise that you f*cked up

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a uni lecture or at your desk and watching a terrible fake tan job slowly developing before your eyes. Not even a kitchen scourer could get it scrubbed off before a big night out.

6. The sheer panic of waking up when you accidentally fall back asleep…

We will never get used to waking up in time for work, but nothing shocks the system like realising you’ve fallen back asleep after the alarm. Nothing makes you move quicker than jumping out of bed 3 minutes before you are supposed to catch the bus.

7. The fact that everyone around us is growing up and having kids.

Nothing makes you feel older than when you start to congratulate your mates on getting pregnant, rather than responding with the message “oh sh*t, who with?!”.

8. Parallel parking in a tight spot in front of a queue of traffic

There’s nothing worse than when you have committed to reversing into a stupidly small parking space and you see headlights coming towards you in the distance.

9. Waiting for a reply after you just sent a v scary text

You know the feeling, the whole group chat has approved your message before you sent it, but it doesn’t feel any less terrifying.

10. When that first nail breaks and you don’t have an appointment booked in until next month

That horrible moment when your nail gets trapped or damaged and you’re afraid to look at it in case it has snapped.

11. There’s only so many times you can stuff a postage back inside your coat

We are all guilty of this and nobody wants to receive the death stare from a partner or parent when the 8th clothes parcel drops through the letter box that day.

12. You know something that’s really scary? Having real adult conversations with people?

No matter how old we get, we all hate talking to strangers on the phone. No matter how lovely Steve from British Gas is, we would still rather avoid the phone call in the first place.

13. “Sorry can you take the photo from above, my chin looks better that way”

The thought of hating all of your wedding photos is 100 x more scary than Friday 13th. Can you facetune a wedding album?

PS. If there is one thing that’s gonna improve Friday 13th, it’s obviously new clothes. Ware off the bad spirits by treating yourself to loads of new sh*t.