5 Things You Actually Need To Pack This Summer

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20 Jun, 2019

Now before we get into it, we’re not saying strip everything back and don’t get the extra luggage allowance. If you wanna take 50 pairs of shoes, 12 bags and 10 bikinis, then you do you hun. What we are saying is that these are 5 summer staples you’ll actually need and wear LOADS when you’re out there…

1. A cute cover up

Step away from the kaftan babe… It’s time to shake things up when it comes to your cover up. If you’re heading to a boujee pool party, we’ve got a tonne of lace detailed pieces that will take your outfit from zero to 100. Going a romantic holiday with bae? 

2. A beach towel (obvs)

We totally get that you’re not gonna forget a beach towel. We just think it might be worth getting a new one that’s just as epic as the rest of your wardrobe. Loads have just landed on site, which are calling out for an Insta pic… 

3. Day-to-night dresses

Whether it’s a maxi or a tea dress, choose wisely babe. If you pick the right dresses this summer, you’re gonna be able to save room and pack more of the bulky stuff (aka shoes and makeup). Here are some of our faves RN… Just swap your sandals for a pair of mules or wedges and a wooden bag. 

4. Wedges

Wedges are the real MVP. We are 100% here for a sturdy shoe that makes our legs look unreal at the same time. We’ve given ours a makeover for this summer… So if you thought they were basic, think again. 

5. A cross body bag

Cba taking a load of different bags for every possible situation? A cross body bag is the answer. You can actually fit a good amount of stuff in them, which probs can’t be said for a clutch bag. They’re also a LOT cuter than your mums beach bag she’s leant you from Cyprus 2006. These are some of our faves RN…