Meet CEO of Missguided Nitin Passi and find out his best bits of the new office, which team he would love to work in and the emoji he rates himself as…


What’s the best thing about being the bossman of your own company?

There are loads! The satisfaction of seeing your business succeed is probably the most rewarding. Having the ability to make the big decisions that influence the next stage of your business’ growth…and not having to answer to anyone and being able to do what you like!

What random things go down at the Missguided offices?

Lots of things, I don’t even know where to start…Cash canon money guns, Segways, dance-offs, fancy dress, parties…if I was a fly on the wall in some of our meetings I’d probably die of laughter!

How do you make it a fun place to work?

Giving people the freedom to do what they want makes it an exciting place. We’re really serious about work and goals as a company but I also think it’s so important to have lots of fun along the way and enjoy yourself.

We do the obvious things like lots of parties but having a relaxed working atmosphere and being in an inspirational environment make it a fun place to be at all times.

If you had an 8-day week, what would you do with the extra day?

Use it to enjoy myself; see friends, family, rest a bit and do a bit of work.

Which emoji best describes you?

Probably the upside down smiley face…

What’s your spirit animal?

That’s a very random question! I’ve actually Googled it and taken a quiz and it says I’m a butterfly, known for its powerful transformations, metamorphosis, playfulness and being the soul of the world.

What’s the tune you play to get your day started?

No tune in particular but I’m a huge music fan. I spend my whole journey to work singing along to my music.

What’s the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Checked our sales, emails and social media then I went to the gym.

If you decided on a new career direction as a gangster rapper, what would your name be?

Pa$$ion P…it’s a long story!

Who’s your man crush?


What’s been your favourite ever day at Missguided?

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I came into work to find 250 people crammed into my office as a surprise. Champagne came out before midday and by late afternoon I had the whole product team singing Elvis before a meeting.

If you could collaborate with another megastar, who would it be?

Jay Z on his next album.

If you worked at Missguided, which team would you wanna work in?

Probably the product team as a designer or buyer, either that or in the brand team – it would have to be something creative.

Describe yourself in one sentence using only emojis…

(Champagne x5)

What did you hope to achieve when planning the new Missguided HQ?

An inspiring space that would fit the culture of our business. When we were designing I kept thinking I wanted it to be the most Instagrammable office in the world! Glamour…

Describe the new offices in 5 words…

Inspiring, crazy, fun, timeless and cool

What’s your favourite part?

My office. The carpet is like quicksand it’s so soft and I have a private bar. My favourite room other than that though is our swing meeting room.

Are there any other businesses or projects that you’d like to start?

Yes but not at the moment. Missguided is my sole focus. There is so much to do that I don’t want to take my eye off the ball.

Looking at your Instagram account it would seem your feed is only shadowed by Dan Bilzerian’s…

*laughing crying face * No comment!

Do you really commute to work via helicopter?

Only when my car is in the garage!

What’s parked in your garage?

My helicopter of course!



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