An alternative guide to Christmas jumpers

There is nothing that can spread fear round an office quite like Christmas jumper day, aka official dress up like a tit day.  But never fear the elves at MGHQ have heard your desperate cries and we are here to show you how to do Christmas jumper day the cool girl way – in pieces that will actually last longer than one fateful day.

Tip your hat to the Christmas theme in a sequin skirt, you’re not the grinch, you just don’t want to wear a jumper emblazoned with a phrase like ‘I’m a ho ho ho,’ and we get that.  A sequin skirt teamed with a chunky knit is the perfect cool girl Christmas look that you can actually wear again.  Team with a dusting of pink eyeshadow and highlighter and wah-la, Happy Christmas bitches!

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If Christmas jumper day is turning into Christmas office drinks later on in the day (let’s be honest probably in Weatherspoons), then this is the perfect look.  Team a feather mini, a trend set to be big next year and a style you can happily take into 2018 with you (see HERE), with a chunky grey knit and chunky boots for a bitchin’ Christmas jumper day look. Add some Christmas sparkle with drop diamante earrings and you’ll look more festive than a Christmas fairy… sort of.

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What says Christmas more than a good old bit of  red.  Embrace the most festive colour of them all the It girl way, in a red leather mini teamed with a red chunky knit.  The perfect way to embrace the holiday season without having to loose fash points in a Christmas jumper.  Team with a red lip for a look that will definitely get you on the naughty list.

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What rhymes with festive?! Flares, obvs. Do Christmas jumper day the right way.  Team an off the shoulder knit and metallic flares for a look that says ‘yes I am embracing Christmas, look my pants are shiny, duh.’  Team with an OTT Paris Hilton inspired rhinestone choker for The Simple Life does Christmas vibes, ho, ho, ho.

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If knitwear really isn’t your thing Christmas jumper day or not then that’s cool, go for the extra option, a sequin jacket.  Team with velvet flares, the ultimate Christmas material and a gold sheen lip and there you go, a standout Christmas look sans a jumper with a stupid  quote on, it’s a Christmas Missguided miracle!

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Christmas jumper still your thing? We get that.

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