Having been chosen as the latest Babe of Missguided, Ambar also won a contract with London based model agency Anti, and a photoshoot with us out on the streets of London, cool AF right? So, what does it take to win a modelling competition? And not just any competition, a collab with Missguided and London’s coolest agency. We got chatting to Ambar on set to get the lowdown on her…

missguided photoshoot

missguided photo shoot

How did it feel winning the model search?

It felt so surreal, I didn’t think I’d even get noticed let alone win, I still can’t believe it!!

What was it like being on a Missguided shoot?

It was soo fun and laid back, everyone was so nice and easy to work with. Definitely the most fun I’ve had on a shoot

Who is your favourite model on Anti Agency?

Ayesha – all her photos are amazing and she’s so confident in herself

Have you always wanted to be a model?

Not really. I’ve thought about it but didn’t think I could because of my height but luckily Anti Agency don’t care about the typical or traditional model stats

What do you use on your hair? That colour is rad!

I use Scharzkopf Bonacure silver shampoo. It’s super pigmented so the colour never fades

anti agency model

model missguided

What do you do apart from model?

I read all the time. I love sightseeing in my own city so going to different museums and galleries to see the new exhibitions, and study mostly

What Netflix series are you binge watching RN?

I watch sooo many! Mainly Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Jessica Jones and Stranger Things

What song did you wake up and listen to?

Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids

What do you like to eat at the weekend for breakfast?

I loveee to have porridge with loads of different fruit and chocolate sauce

anti agency competition

missguided model

Who do you think is cool AF?

Blogger @killerandasweetthang. I love how open she is and how she encourages girls to be themselves. I also love her style

What do you like about Anti Agency?

I like how their models aren’t all super skinny and super tall, the models all look like real people and don’t promote an unrealistic body image

What was your favourite piece from the shoot?

Probably the blue and white ripped jeans, I’d never usually choose them for myself but now I absolutely love them, they’re so bold and really stand out

What is your dream?

To move to New York and become an editor for a book publishing company. I think reading for a living would be amazing

What’s your bad habit?

Probably biting my nails.I really need to try to stop that!

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