Babes Doing Bits: Q+A with a Midwife

Everyone has questions about childbirth and now it’s your chance to get some answers. In celebration of the launch of Missguided Maternity, we wanted to open up a conversation about pregnancy and beyond.

We caught up with Katey, an experienced midwife who offered to answer any questions you may have. Not only is Katey a midwife, but she is also a mum, giving her all the birthing experience we could possibly ask for!

We put out a request for questions on Instagram and Katey has offered up her advice. Read the full Q+A below!

Midwife Q+A maternity

Is it safe to have a natural birth when you’re under 5ft? I’ve heard it’s dangerous.

 It’s not dangerous to have a natural birth if you’re under 5ft. Everyone is monitored during their pregnancy in terms of the growth of their baby, whether this is by way of regular growth scans or by a fundal height measurement so they can plot this on a customised grow chart.

This will track the size of your baby in relation to your height, weight and BMI. If your baby is large this will be investigated further and close surveillance offered. Modes of delivery will be discussed in relation to very large babies.

If I don’t have an epidural will it be better for me?

Epidurals are a perfectly acceptable form of pain relief. They are the only pain relief that will aim to take away the pain of contractions (although not guaranteed to be completely pain free) and for some people this is exactly what they want.

There are risks associated with it, which your anaesthetist at the time will go through with you. Also it  can potentially prolong your hospital stay as you won’t be mobile to go home after birth. It can take some hours to regain the use of your legs and sensation to your bladder etc, so you will need to remain in hospital until you are able to mobilise properly and go to the toilet.

There are other methods of pain relief available that will enable you to mobilise and is the pool etc if this is something you wanted to do.

How do I prevent tearing?

Your midwife at the time of delivery with try and aid you in controlling the delivery of your baby which can minimise tearing! Additionally you can try some perineal massage that can help to improve the elasticity of the perineal muscle to make it more supple and have a better ability to stretch.

My bump looks very small, why could that be?

Everybody grows at different rates during their pregnancy and it seems members of the public feel the right comment on how big or small people are. You should be having regular checks with your midwife and she will be keeping an eye on the growth of your bump. If she is concerned that it is small she will be able to refer you for a scan based on your chosen hospital guidelines. 

Are water births better than regular births?

A vaginal birth is amazing whether in water or on dry land and is up to you as to which you would prefer! There are benefits to using the water such as it offers natural pain relief. Babies born in water often have a very smooth transition to life on the outside and can stay very calm after delivery….almost like they don’t realise they have been born 💜.

Can you prevent stretch marks? I’m using moisturiser but do you have any other recommendations?

Keep moisturising to improve the elasticity of your skin, but remember your body is being stretched every which way and sometimes we have to just embrace it. There are scar treatments should you get any stretch marks that are available to buy at most health retailers.

Any advice for first time mums?

Don’t worry about what you see other people doing so soon after they have had a baby. Whilst your precious little bundle is so small and helpless, they completely depend on you for everything. That soon starts to change, as they grow very quickly, so cherish that time. As long as they are warm, clean, fed and loved you are doing everything right.

You can’t spoil them by loving them too much, picking them up/ holding them too much. If you’ve tried everything and it’s not enough just repeat the cycle, you won’t go wrong.

Any tips for severe morning sickness? Nothing seems to be working!

Try eating little and often and things that are high in calories but don’t require you to consume a lot of it. People find acupressure bands for the wrists helpful. If things are really bad you can also ask your doctor/midwife to prescribe some anti sickness medication. It will hopefully pass once you’re through the first trimester, but it can continue past this for some people.

What was your favourite part of pregnancy?

 I loved every bit of being pregnant, seeing my body change as I grew my little people, feeling movements as they got bigger. I had my children after already having qualified as a midwife so thought I knew what I was letting myself in for.

The feeling of empowerment I felt after delivering my children was indescribable. I was so amazed and grateful at what my body had the ability to do….and when someone places your baby straight onto your chest when it’s born, there are simply no words! I see it everyday and having experienced that myself, I feel totally honoured to be able to facilitate that magic with every family I look after.

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