#babesofmissguided do Malta

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09 May, 2019

Summer is fast approaching huns. Which means it’s time to start thinking about the 1034789306 outfits you need to get lined up. CBA scrolling through everything to find the good stuff? Here’s how some of our #babesofmissguided are styling what’s new, straight from sunny AF Malta…


Dunno about you guys, but we’re 100% here for a high waisted bikini. Super flattering, super comfy (everyone’s a winner). Rather than sticking to block colours this season, step out of your comfort zone and opt for a bold print instead like the babes are doing in Malta. Trust us, it’ll make for some good Insta posts. 


Reasons we love a bodysuit on holiday = you can dress ‘em down in the day, and jazz them up for the night. Get more for your money and stock up on a few – our faves atm are the milkmaid styles. Pair them with a cute skirt or high waisted denim shorts in the day, then with some flares or tailored trousers in the evening. 

Day dresses

Need something a bit more floaty for those days that you’re mooching about and seeing the sights? We feel you babe. There’s a tonne of cute day dresses on site atm that our babes are living in whilst in Malta. Lots of gingham, milkmaid and broderie styles. We’ve got our eye on these few in particular…

Evening outfits

It wouldn’t be a holiday if you didn’t have some absolute show stoppers in your locker, saving them for the big night out. Take the maxi dress to the next level with some of the new styles that have just dropped. Don’t do dresses? No worries hun. Opt for a floral co-ord instead, and you’ll still look an 11/10.