Beyoncé vs Sainsbury's: The meme we never knew we needed

ICYMI the new Ivy Park x Adidas range looks very familiar. So familiar in fact, it has started a Beyoncé vs Sainsbury’s beef.

Queen Bey did a huge launch for the collection, sending boxes full of merch to her elite inner circle (our parcel must be lost in the post or something?). Little did she realise that the colours she chose were exactly the same as the Sainsbury’s staff uniform.

The supermarket threw shade her way, by tweeting a photo of Beyonce alongside a staff member with the caption: ‘The original and the #Sainsbey. Needless to say the internet was here for it.

The original Beyoncé vs Sainsbury’s tweet

We’ve rounded up all of the best Beyonce vs Sainsbury’s memes in one place. Enjoy babe.

Sorry, I thought you worked here…

Our girl Roxxsaurus was one of the first to jump on the hype.

Staff announcement…

I’ve been spillin’, I’ve been spillin’

I’m gonna tell my children…

How could we resist jumping on this meme hype?

Hanging out with colleagues…

The whole work squad hanging out in the staff canteen.

Who run the tills? Bey

When you’re on the checkout at 9 and Crazy In Love at 10.

That’s all for the meme roundup babe. In the meantime, why not treat yourself to something new? Our new denim range has now dropped on site, as well as loads of over cool sh*t. Go on babe, you deserve it.