Missguided Beauty Gifts

We all have that one BFF who deserves an island, but all you can afford to buy her is a scented candle. Well, we’ve teamed up with Boots to give you all the gift inspo you need to treat your bestie like the princess she really is, without breaking your bank account:

Bubble bath bliss

missguided boots gift set

Every princess needs to unwind from the everyday stresses of ruling a kingdom (or working in an office), and a long, hot bath is the perfect way to relax. Give her everything she needs with scented body wash, body polish, and even “unicorn dust” bath powder.

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Mad about makeup

missguided boots gift set makeup

Ever seen a princess look less than flawless? Nah, us neither. Give your BFF the tools to get her glow on with a lust-worthy makeup gift set. Choose from lip kits, nail polishes, or go all-out and treat her to our beauty vending machine for all her makeup needs. Don’t forget the perfume!

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All about accessories

missguided boots gift set makeup

We all know the famous saying: A princess is only as good as her tools (or something like that…). There are loads of gorgeous sets available at Boots, like makeup brushes and makeup bags, to get her as glowy as a unicorn.

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