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Working in Buying

Wanna get a career in buying? The MG buyers have rounded up their boss babe tips on bagging a job in the industry. Keep scrolling to check them out…

Elizabeth Jones – Senior Buyer

Elizabeth Jones Boss Babe Tips

What’s your 9-5?

As a Senior Buyer, I oversee the “Sizes” department and manage a team of 3. The Sizes team makes sure whatever your shape and size, we got you covered!

My job involves visiting suppliers, making sure we have the hottest trends first, keeping an eagle eye on what is selling well and making sure we are in stock of all the best selling lines. We always need to be 10 steps ahead of the customer!

What qualifications or experience does a buyer need?

A buyer can have a university degree in fashion buying, they can have a degree in another subject or they can have no degree at all! The most important qualification is a passion for product and an eagerness to learn.

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Hayley Heaps – Buyer

Hayley Heaps Boss Babe Tips

What’s your 9-5?

I am responsible for Buying the “Tops” range alongside another Buyer. Between us and with a team of 2 Assistant Buyers and 2 Buyers Admin Assistants we buy cami’s, vests, t-shirts, bodysuits, blouses, shirts, hoodies & sweats.

One thing you should know about buying is…

You have to be flexible and reactive.

You need to be prepared to change styling/price/colour based on new market information and trade reactions and always be on the ball by second guessing the customer. 

Working cross-functionally is something you have to be prepared for as you’ll go from liaising with the web/store staff to ensure your product is styled/worn correctly, to showcasing it in its best light, to then working with marketing for any wider business campaigns and support.

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Hannah Turner-Lant – Assistant Buyer

Hannah Turner Lant

What’s your 9-5?

I am the assistant buyer on the ‘Dresses’ team.

This involves developing new styles based on previous sales, celebrities, social media and street style to build a range with the buyer for the Missguided website.

I also work closely with the merchandising, design and garment tech team to make sure we’re bringing in the newest things our girl really wants!

Why choose Buying?

I love product! You really need to be obsessed with clothes because you will be surrounded by them 24/7! It’s the ultimate dream for me because I’m basically shopping for others all the time!

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Isabelle Rudd – Buying Admin Assistant

Isabella Rudd

What’s your 9-5?

I’m a Buying Admin Assistant on the ‘Dresses’ team!

My role is to basically look after the dress samples – making sure that they come into the office in time for us to fit, asking for cost prices from suppliers and making sure that they get delivered into the warehouse and shot by studio in time for our customer. As well as also helping solve any issues along the way!

What’s your fave thing about working in Buying?

Definitely seeing all of the samples before everyone else and getting excited about your faves!

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