Boss Babe Tips – Working In Design

Calling all future designers, the MG fashion designers have rounded up their boss babe tips on bagging a job in the industry. Wanna know the deets? Keep reading…

Maizie Fellows – Designer

What’s your 9-5?

I am the designer for the woven tops, bottoms & tailoring.

I create a detailed pack of key silhouettes/details/fabrics/trims at the beginning of each season which is derived from the story that we are feeling for each month. We thrive off the catwalks, Instagram influencers, street style, comp shopping etc to encapsulate the vibe. This is then presented to the rest of the team as a sort of bible for us to follow throughout the design process!

One thing you should know about Design is…

As much as it’s fun and dynamic, it’s very hard work!

I don’t think that a lot of people realise this when first entering the industry – the hard work definitely pays off though 😊

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Shay McCarthy-Symes – Long-lead Designer

What’s your 9-5?

I design all the Denim, Outerwear and Knitwear for Missguided.

At the beginning of every season I’ll present trends to my buyers and together we start developing our ranges.

I go on about 3-5 development trips a year to China & Italy where I source fabric and new trims and put new ideas in work with the factories.

I’m also part of the collection team – this is where we plan what we want to drop online every month. We do this by planning trends by week and making sure were dropping a different vibe every week for all of our girls.

What’s your fave thing about working in Design?

My team are my family 💖 I get to travel loads to places like China, New York, L.A and Korea. ALL THE FREE CLOTHES!

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Rohini Sood – Design Assistant

What’s your 9-5?

Day to day I’d say my job can be so different. One day I’m working on designing new bikini’s and cover ups for our Holiday Shop and the next day I’m working on high end premium embellished dresses for our Peace & Love brand.

It’s super-fast paced but I think that’s the whole beauty of fast fashion.

Why choose Design?

It might sound so cliché but I’m going to say it anyway… I am totally obsessed with fashion, clothes, shopping and accessorising every outfit! Having the chance to work with all of these things and see it from the design stage to fitting them, seeing them being made, shooting them on our gorgeous models and then seeing girls out wearing them made this job choice a no brainer for me!

I’ve worked as a designer for Missguided for around 4 years now and I still get excited when I see someone wearing one of my designs when I’m out!

Emily Lapworth – Print Designer

What’s your 9-5?

Being the print designer/graphic designer, who works alongside the design team, my job entails quite a lot as I’m a one man band!

I work on trend-driven, in-house prints for each season across different categories such as; main range, ASOS and wholesale partners, swimwear, nightwear, active, accessories, Peace and Love exclusives and blogger collaborations!

I also help on designing print collections for each season (best selling shapes into prints) and reactive prints we see from Instagram, online etc and SO much more!

What qualifications or experience does a Designer need?

A university degree in a design related course and most importantly, some design work experience!

A good portfolio is also key 😊

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