Boss Babe Tips

Working In Social Media

Wanna get to know the babes behind the Missguided socials? Our Social Team have rounded up their boss babe tips on bagging a job in the industry. Keep scrolling to check them out…

Katrina Luder – Social Media Manager

Katrina Luder boss babe tips

What’s your 9-5?

I manage a team of three social mega-babes.

My role involves creating and executing the social media strategy for both content and growth on all social channels, always making sure we’re in line with brand aesthetic and values.

How do you make your CV stand out from other candidates?

If you’re applying for a job in a creative field, then a creative CV always stands out. It doesn’t have to be OTT, but just showing that you have an eye for design is a huge help as not everyone reads a CV thoroughly.

Always make your personal profile short, snappy and engaging. List your skills in bullet points and make sure your skills reflect how you work.

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Sam Massey – Senior Social Media Executive

Sam Massey boss babe tips

What’s your 9-5?

I look after a lot of the creative bits! So that means things like Instagram stories, content briefs for shoots, making sure our tone of voice is on point and that we’re reacting to whatever might be trending. It’s balanced out with more of the serious stuff, too (aka reporting, strategies for channels, planning etc).

One thing you should know about the Social industry is…

It changes CONSTANTLY. You can’t get complacent; there’s always something new to try and it’s suuuuuper-fast paced. 

Social is all about testing and learning (not getting complacent!)

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Cassie Capuozzo – Social Media Executive

Cassie Capuozzo boss babe tips

What’s your 9-5?

Between contacting different brands to organise social giveaways, making sure the Insta feed looks sh*t hot and being at shoots and events, no two days are the same as a Social Exec!

What’s your fave thing about working in Social?

It never gets boring and you’re always on the go!

Social Media isn’t for the faint-hearted, you have to be ready for literally anything to land on your desk.

I love how reactive social media is! There is always something new to know and trends to jump on which keeps every day exciting as you’re never quite sure what could happen.

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Amy Hendrie – Social Media Assistant

Amy Hendrie boss babe tips

What’s your 9-5?

I am so lucky that I get to do a bit of everything in my role!

My main responsibilities are looking after our Twitter, TikTok and Instagram account. Twitter is like my first born child, every time a tweet gets loads of likes I literally consider perusing a career in stand up.

I also have the opportunity to take part in loads of creative meetings, shoots and events to capture content- which I love!

What’s your boss babe mantra?

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but what you do consistently.

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