Christmas Day Outfits

What to wear on Christmas Day… It’s one of the biggest fashion decisions you’ll make all year. Whether you’re off out for a posh 3-course meal, or just stuffing your face at your nan’s house, your Christmas Day outfits need to be on point. Make sure you’re on Santa’s nice list this year by getting your outfit sorted ASAP, so you can outshine the star on top of the tree. Here’s what you should wear for every Christmas Day eventuality:

Hungover AF

hungover christmas day outfit


Going out for a “quiet drink” on Christmas Eve? Well, let’s be honest, 5 mulled wines later you’ll be suggesting shots of Christmas Pudding flavoured liqueur, and dragging your mates onto the next bar… Cue the hungover Christmas Day. Yes, Santa, I’ve been naughty this year… I don’t even want any presents, just let me sleep. If your day is going to be all about eating off your hangover and slobbing around with your loved ones, then you can go super comfy with your Christmas Day outfit. Opt for an oversized knit and some cycling shorts for a cute but casj approach to Christmas Day, that’ll look good in the family photos but will also be cosy enough to nap in.

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With The Inlaws

christmas day outfits with the inlaws


Got your first Christmas with his family? No pressure, babe, they’ll love you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Ask for seconds (and thirds) on your Christmas Dinner, and ALWAYS say yes to another drink. You’re going to need an outfit that’ll have his family wondering how he pulled you; have him wishing he’d spent more on your Christmas present, and leave you comfy enough to play charades with his nan after the 6th bottle of wine is opened. Denim is always the answer when you’re trying to pull off smart-casual. Go for your fave pair of skinnies, and wear with a cute Bardot top for flirty, feminine vibes. His parents will think you look classy, and he’ll think you look 11/10. Perfect.

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Big Family Party

missguided christmas day outfits christmas party outfit


You’re spending your Christmas Day with your siblings. And your parents. And your nan and grandad. Oh, and their next-door neighbours. And their cousins twice removed. And their dog, of course. The day is going to be spent trying to convince your distant relatives that you 100% have your life together, even though you totally don’t. Your outfit needs to scream “I’m a professional adult who does professional adult things and definitely doesn’t eat beans on toast for tea every night instead of cooking proper food”. A tailored co-ord will look smart enough to pull off this impression. Wear over a lace bodysuit, with layered necklaces and trainers (so you can win the race to the cheese board when it’s brought out).

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Out For a Posh Meal

christmas day outfits posh meal


Can’t be f*cked cooking the dinner? We don’t blame you, babe. Way too much effort. If you’re off out to a nice restaurant, so somebody else can cook it for you, then a) We’re jealous and b) You need to pay special attention to what you wear. Your nan is definitely going to ask the waiter to take a family photo, so you need an outfit that you’ll be happy to see in a frame on the wall in your grandparents’ house for the next decade. Satin adds a luxe edge to any look, so opt for a smart satin shirt with shorts or trousers, and heels of course. Top off the look with a co-ordinated satin duster jacket, or an oversized fur coat if you want to give off some major extra vibes.

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Out Out

christmas day outfits sequin jumpsuit out out


Who goes out on Christmas Day? You do, hun, and we applaud you. If there’s a club open in your town, you’ll find it and you’ll be there. And why not? Christmas Day is all about giving, and you’re ready to give yourself a gin & tonic (plus you deserve a night out after spending the whole day pretending to love that awful jumper your aunt bought you). If you’re one of the few who is going out-out, then you HAVE to wear the obligatory sequins – It’s basically a uniform in the festive season. Nothing says Christmas Day like slut-dropping in your sequinned jumpsuit, right? Opt for a jumpsuit or dress, with sky-high heels, and finish off with a glamorous faux fur coat. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a tequila shot. 

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Eat, drink and be Missguided. You’re welcome, babe.

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