El Dorado Festival: The Inside Scoop

We teamed up with El Dorado festival to give you the inside scoop, behind the scenes and all the best things to do whilst you’re there.

Where to stay?

We won’t lie, camping isn’t for everyone. We suggest booking the Hotel Bell Tent at the El Dorado festival. Cosy and comfortable, the tents allow you to glamp in luxury. With access to showers and toilets, it is another world compared to your average camping experience. You are welcomed to the tent with towels, duvets, pillows and a cute chandelier of candles to add to the cosy feel. There is nothing better than arriving back to your tent after a day and night of partying to clean bedding and a comfy bed.

Where to go?

Obviously, the main stage is the place to go for the more well-known acts. However, venture into the forest past 12am and you will experience some of the best DJ sets of your life. The setting is eerie, whilst also feeling quite magical with green, purple and blue lit trees hidden away with a huge DJ set up with strobes and the biggest speakers you will ever see.


El Dorado festival is full of hidden gems and party tents that you accidentally come across or get the hidden scoop on. One of our faves is “behind the wardrobe”. Believe it or not, the magical wardrobe isn’t just limited to fictional stories. This hidden gem is located inside a vintage clothing store named Bits and Bobs. If you see the wardrobe, you are one of the lucky ones. Enjoy!

Where to drink?

There are a lot of drinks stands to choose from. Whether your tipple is gin, tequila or even a good cup of coffee, El Dorado has you covered. Our fave was the Moroccan inspired shisha bar situated slap bang in the middle of the hospitality stands. You have the option to sit on a beautifully patterned Persian rug or a comfy Moroccan style sofa. Either way, this is the place to chill with a bevvy before the acts kick off. If you’re ready to get some shots down you and try every flavour of margarita you can think of, get yourself to tequila town, where you can enjoy a master class by Jose Cuervo with plenty of entertainment including spinning the wheel of fortune and a live brass band.

Where to eat?

What we like about El Dorado festival is the attention to independent retailers. You won’t see a burger chain, but more like a sushi wrap with the most incredible flavours or a stand dedicated to the best Gyoza’s you will every taste. Our top pick is the Halloumi burger from Lambassador or a classic Patty&Bun.

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