Festival Jackets for Every Weather Eventuality

We’ve checked the forecast for Bank Holiday Weekend, and it’s fair to say it’s a mixed bag across the UK. If you’re off to Reading or Creamfields, fingers crossed you can expect 3 days of sunshine – Good for you, babe. But, if you’re off to Leeds or Solfest, you might not be so lucky… Not to worry though, we’re seasoned pros at enjoying festivals in the mud and rain. To be prepared for British festivals, you just need to nail your festival jackets style. Here’s what you should pack to be ready for every Bank Holiday Weekend weather eventuality.

Stay Cool, Look Hot

missguided tassel cape festival jackets

Maybe you’ve got tickets to a festival abroad this bank holiday, or maybe the sun this month has gone to your head and you’re actually expecting this heatwave to last. Either way, if the forecast’s predicting sky-high mercury for your festival then lucky you. You only need a jacket if it’s adding to your outfit, so go for something with a fashion edge. Capes look fab over bodysuits or crop tops  – Go for feather, tassels or sequins. The crazier the better! Plus, they’ll keep the sun off your shoulders, bonus.

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Make Up Your Mind

missguided festival jackets

If the weather keeps changing its mind quicker than you do when you get asked what you want to eat, then this is the festival look you need. A co-ord means your outfit will look put together whether your jacket’s on or off – Giving you the freedom to respond to the weather without losing fashion points. It also means you’ll get more bang for your buck, as you can re-wear the pieces individually in everyday life when the festival is over. That’s what we call good cost per wear.

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Don’t Get Wet

missguided festival jackets

Rain is to England what attention is to the Kardashians. i.e. We get a lot of it. If you’re expecting a washout for your festival weekend, then make sure you’re prepared. Nothing puts a dampener on an experience more than soggy clothes, ew. If you’re not on board with throwing on your dad’s cagoule for the weekend, then make sure to invest in a rain mac that won’t ruin your outfit. Metallics, bright colours and sporty styles are all good options for a festival.

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Go Bright Or Go Home

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Has anybody seen that ball of fire that’s occasionally in the sky? No? Ok then babes, you’re going to have to make your own sunshine at this festival. So, go bright or go home with your festival jackets choice. Coloured denim is everywhere this year, and is a cute example of amazing festival clothes that you can actually wear in everyday life too. If you want more of a classic look, go for sequins. Cause if you can’t wear sequins at a festival, when can you wear them right?

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50 Shades of Meh

Missguided festival jackets

It’s not raining, it’s not sunny. It’s neither freezing or boiling. It’s not even that cloudy. The weather is just typically grey and British, so you definitely need a coverup of some kind. A safe and dependable option for festival jackets is always trusty denim – They look amazing over any outfit and are perfect festival attire. To up the wow-factor, opt for an embellished or sequin style. Wear over a summer dress or even denim shorts for a celebrity-approved double-denim look.

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Freezing Your T*ts Off

missguided festival jackets

How is it fair to have a 12-month winter? If your August festival feels like there could genuinely be snow at any minute, then make sure you’ve packed some jackets that will actually keep you warm. Think: Faux fur coats, shaggy cardigans and feather jackets. These kinds of coats look amazing over a barely-there outfit, so go for a bodycon dress, crop top and shorts, or even a bodysuit if you’re feeling brave. Unless it’s dead cold. Then wear a onesie, because we don’t want you freezing to death in the name of fashion…

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