Festival outfits on any budget

Let’s face it, you’ve got more plans in the next couple of months than you have all year so far.  Your bank balance might look a little scary right now but you still need new outfits for that festival you’re going to.  Luckily, we’re on your side hun and we’ve put together an actually useful guide to dressing for a festival on a budget, whatever your budget might be.

Pick a statement piece – under £50

It’s the Friday night of the festival and your fave band are playing.  You wanna make sure you look the part before the inevitable hangover when you’ll want to reach for your comfy t-shirt dress.  Sequins and fringing are a festival go-to but make your statement and stand out from the crowd with sequin flares or a fringed festival jacket.

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Save on the basics – under £20

Every festival wardrobe needs a pair of denim shorts that can be worn with absolutely everything.  Pick out a pair in black or blue wash denim and let the rest of your outfit do the talking, or style a pair of coloured denim shorts with your matching jacket for a festival outfit that no one else will be wearing.

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Invest in a cover-up – under £50

Unless you’re heading to a festival abroad, the chances are you’re going to need something to keep you warm at night, and maybe in the day depending on how lucky you get with the weather.  Invest in a jacket you can wear all through summer too; coloured denim is big news right now but shaggy knits and fringed festival jackets are sure to make you look like you’ve made more effort than you actually have on day four of sleeping in a field.

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Jump on the crochet bandwagon – under £20

Would a festival wardrobe even be a festival wardrobe if there wasn’t some crochet?  Crochet dresses are everywhere this season so choose coloured crochet if you want to make sure you’re not wearing the same thing as every other girl there, or find a cute crochet top to pair with your denim shorts and just add sunglasses.

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Just add glitter – under £10

If you’ve spent all your money on your festival ticket but still want to give your outfits a bit of something extra then save some money and let your accessories do the talking.  Your tent might be covered in glitter afterwards, but face jewels are the festival accessory of the moment and you can get them for under £10 too.  If you wanna steer clear of the sequins, wash out hair dye or glittery eyeshadow mean you can ace festival dressing without going OTT.

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Hide tired eyes – under £10

Picture this, it’s day four, you’ve had about 8 hours sleep the whole time you’ve been there and you’ve got glitter stuck to your face that you haven’t been able to get off since the first night.  You need sunglasses to hide your dark circles, and let’s face it, they make every outfit look better anyway.  At under £10, you can afford a different pair for every day.

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