What to Wear to a Festival When It’s Raining

We all know that it’s inevitable that the torrential rain follows us to festivals in the UK. The least we can do is be prepared for the mud swamps we will be facing with our festival outfits.

Rain Mac

The number one essential is an obvious one. A rain mac is versatile, lightweight and can shield you from the worst British weather, not to mention that they fold up small enough to shove in your bag.

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Lightweight outfit

A little crop top is great for a festival as it’s easy wearing in every weather condition. If you’re feeling a little chilly, throw on an oversized sweatshirt over your shorts. It will look super low maintenance but massively on trend.

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Chunky boots

The inevitable mud swamps are your shoes worst nightmare. Your cute sporty trainers will just not do. You need some chunky biker boots to complete your look and wade you through the mud. This will give your outfit an edge, whilst keeping it practical and not trying to rescue your shoe stuck in the mud.


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We love a pair of denim shorts here at MG HQ, however, when that rain comes pouring down at a festival they can feel heavy, uncomfortable and not so flattering anymore. Sequin shorts are here to save the day! Lighter than denim and with added sparkle, they can complete your rain-proof outfit and add to your sass vibe.

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