Friday Debrief 13/03

Welcome to this week’s Friday Debrief. The no.1 place for all of your celeb news, funny memes and cool new sh*t. This week gave us the lowdown on the new movie Misbehaviour, Katy Perry’s sweet but heartbreaking video and Billie Eilish kicking back at body shamers.

In other news, we’ve had loads of fire new outfits dropping on the site, including our Spring collection and Maternity range. (Like you needed a reason to by new clothes..)

This week’s Friday Debrief 13/03

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Billie Eilish doesn’t stand for body shaming

She kicked her tour off with a message around body shaming and we are so HERE for her speaking out. “If what I wear is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I am a slut”.

Misbehaviour officially comes out today…

If you do one thing this weekend, make sure it’s a cinema trip.

Dropping in cinemas nationwide today, Misbehaviour is the inspirational true story of the 1970 Miss World competition. It went down in history the launch pad for the Women’s Liberation Movement and was famed for crowning the first ever woman of colour as Miss World.

The film stars Keira Knightley, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Jessie Buckley and combines humour with drama, to celebrate all women – however they choose to navigate a male dominated world. Watch the trailer below.


Katy Perry’s tribute to her grandma was heartbreaking

If you wanna have a little cry this afternoon, then take a look at Katy’s insta post. Scroll along to see cute photos of them together and even a video of Katy announcing her pregnancy. It’s so sad, but lovely too. RIP Nana Perry. 💔

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New gin alert…

Now that’s the kind of headline you want to see every day. Gordon’s have released two new flavours in time for spring: Sicilian lemon and white peach flavour. The gin is currently available at Asda and we are so READY to try it.

Gordons gin Friday Debrief 13/03

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