Friday Debrief 24/01

Believe it or not, January is STILL going on. It may have been the longest month of our lives, but at least there’s a new Friday Debrief to read.

This week’s Friday Debrief 24/01

Take 5 minutes of procrastination from whatever you’re doing and scroll through this week’s celeb news, funny memes and other cool sh*t.

The return of Brennifer

Jen + Brad reunited in public for the first time in ages… If you need us, we’ll be analysing the pics for 2 weeks.

The Big Mac dipping sauce is here

Mcdonald’s have started selling Big Mac sauce IN DIPPING POTS. You can get your hands on a 50ml tub from 12th Feb. *BRB just pouring it over EVERYTHING*.

Friday Debrief 24/01 Big Mac Sauce

Lizzo covered Rolling Stone + looked insane

All hail queen Lizzo. She was the queen of 2019 and it appears that she is also reigning into 2020. She spoke about hitting back at haters and her empowering body positivity movement.

Lotus X Kit Kat

Now this is the collab we have been waiting for. Lotus Biscoff have teamed up with Kit Kats to bring us the ultimate indulgent treat. Forget the January health kick, our body is ready. It’s basically a Kit Kat Chunky, but with a hidden layer of Biscoff spread in the middle.

2 New boys have entered the Love Island villa

Meet Luke M and Luke T, the latest islanders to enter the villa. Here’s what you need to know…

Luke M is a 24-year-old heating engineer from Redcar. He describes himself as outgoing and is often compared to Justin Bieber. 😏

Luke T is a semi-professional footballer and student from Luton. He wants to bring a ‘nice energy to the villa’. He is looking for a long lasting relationship, like his parents’.

So we have already had to differentiate between Eve & Jess, Connor and Conaugh (with a G) and now we have two Lukes. This is getting a bit much.

Luke t Friday Debrief 24/01
Luke T
Friday Debrief 24/01
Luke M

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