Gypsy Shrine Q&A


We teamed up with The Gypsy Shrine girls to get the BEST festival advice. Festival Assistant Manager, Freya, gives us the inside scoop on all things glitter.

What does every girl need at a festival?

GLITTER OF COURSE!! However, the sensible side of me says baby wipes, always baby wipes.

Talk us through how you create the ultimate festival look.

Start with some form of inspiration. Whether it be your favourite fashion blogger or those amazing boots you’ve seen in the shop window. My favourite tips for any festival look is to accessorise. A cute bag with matching shades and some funky earrings/headwear, then you’re on to a winner.

What is Gypsy Shrine’s spirit animal?


No.1 festival rule? 

ALWAYS make new friends. The people at festivals are always the best to be around.


What are The Gypsy Shrine’s top 10 festival survival tips? And why?

  1. Always pack your wellies. Nobody likes open toe sandals in a portaloo
  2. Portable phone charger. Keep in contact with your friends. And did you really attend a festival without those super envious pics on your Insta?
  3. Make sure you have tissues and hand sanitiser on you, always. FOR OBVIOUS REASONS!
  4.  Dance like nobody is watching. It’s the best time to let that inner wild child loose.
  5. Get chatting in the crowds, you don’t know who you’re going to meet 💕
  6. Make sure you have plenty of glitter in your packing essentials, so you can be the sparkle of attention.
  7. Bring a funky vintage jumper. Not only can you keep warm on those chilly evenings but still look super cool.
  8. First things first, pitch your tent!!!!! You don’t want to get caught in the rain.
  9. Have the bevvies ready for when you enter the festival. It’s PARTY TIME.

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