How to nail your job application

After that dream role? Here is how to nail a job application and get noticed, quick.

how to apply for a job

Tip 1

Applying for a creative role? Then BE creative with your application. Recruiters sift through tonnes of CVs a day, so create something memorable. Ditch the standard template and send something that is guaranteed to stand out from the pile.

Tip 2

Get to the point and don’t ramble on. Make sure everything on your application is relevant and ties back to the job which you’re applying for.

Tip 3

Do your research and show your homework in your cover letter. Highlighting specific areas of the company you want to work for shows you’re thorough and thoughtful.

Tip 4

Don’t worry about which extra-curricular activities you did at high school. No one really cares, honest. Relevant work experience and qualifications to your role is what employers are really going to take notice of so make them as clear as possible!

Tip 5

Don’t make your cover letter overly-formal. An interesting opening is more likely to get read, so keep it professional but light.

Tip 6

Explain how you’re good for the company, not how they’re good for you. Yes, you’re willing to give your right arm to work there, but your future boss wants to know you’ll be good for the company. Use specifics, reference previous examples of the attributes you say you have and highlight relevant work experience.

Tip 7

Follow the instructions! Read over all job application requirements before filling in. Read again and one more time before you begin. Make sure you know exactly what it is you need to submit before actually doing so.

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how to nail your job application