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You’ve basically been counting down to your holiday since the beginning of the year and now it’s six days away and you haven’t packed a thing.  Screw the ‘how to pack light’ guides, it’s all about packing clever ‘cause let’s face it, you need at least three outfit choices for each day.  Here’s our actually useful guide on how to pack a suitcase and exactly what you should be taking…

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Rule 1. Roll your clothes

Yep, your mum was right.  Rolling clothes instead of folding them does actually work.  How?! We’ve got no idea, but it does and your clothes will arrive with far fewer creases too.  Ideal for when you’d rather be drinking cocktails than ironing your outfit for later.

Rule 2. Skip the pom poms and kaftans

We’ve all got a drawer of holiday clothes we’ve been waiting to get back out since Benidorm 2k16 with the girls.  Forget about the pom pom trim bralets and fluorescent pink kaftans that ‘look good with a tan’.  Pick outfits you can wear whether you’re headed to the beach or going for happy hour cocktails at the beach bar.  Denim shorts work with everything and are the best base for any hand luggage holiday wardrobe.

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Rule 3. Don’t forget the basics

Sure, you want some hot looks for nice meals and nights out but if you’re going on holiday with hand luggage only then you need to be clever with your day to day looks.  Pick basic dresses and crop tops that you can wear with absolutely everything and take it to the next level with your accessories (which take up basically no room in your case).

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Rule 4: Think about your colour palette

If you wouldn’t normally match pink with green and yellow with blue, think about your colour palette and pack accordingly.  Take white, black and nude to pair with your denim and pick colours you can add to brighten up your every day looks.  Yellow is big news this season and it’ll look good on all those Insta pics you’re planning on uploading.

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Rule 5. Avoid taking 8 pairs of shoes

Believe it or not, you don’t need to take every pair of shoes that you own.  Shoes take up a lot of room in your case so try to stick to a rule of three pairs.  Wear your comfy trainers to the airport then pack a pair of sliders for the beach and a pair of platform sandals or low heels you can wear for date night.

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Rule 6. Pack your beauty essentials

Once you’ve been in the sun for approximately 2 hours you won’t even want to put on heavy makeup which is good news considering you’re only allowed to take 100ml liquids.  Ditch the makeup bag and go light.  All you need is some instant tan for the first few days, a waterproof mascara that’ll survive the sea and a concealer to hide the late-night cocktails.

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Rule 7. Mix and match your bikinis

If you’re going for seven nights then you need seven different bikinis, right? Wrong. Find yourself a basic black bikini style that suits your shape and take your pick on bikini bottoms you can wear with it.  Even better, shop reversible bikinis and save on space for those out-out outfits.

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Rule 8. Think about your accessories

Your holiday accessories can make or break an outfit.  If you’re going for simple outfits that you can dress up or down then you need to think about what jewellery and bag you’re gonna take.  Pick a string beach bag you can fold into your everyday bag for the plane and pick jewellery that’ll match your colour palette.  Wear as much jewellery as you can to the airport to save necklaces and bracelets getting twisted in your bag and pack a couple of lipsticks into your handbag to wear when the suns go down.

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