How to take the ultimate underwear selfie

Is there any better ego boost than taking a cute underwear selfie? Whether you send it to someone else or just keep your nudes as a self-confidence reminder, you deserve to have a camera roll full of fire photos.

Here’s our ultimate guide on how to take a selfie, as illustrated by the talented and empowering babes at Miss Gloria Designs.

Show off your best ass-et

how to take a belfie - naked selfie

We did one day of the squat challenge last year and therefore have bums like Kim K, right? Perch on the end of your bed or seat to show off your peachy shape from the best angle.

I woke up like this…

i woke up like this selfie - no makeup selfie

You can #nomakeupselfie like a pro, and do it properly by snapping a shot when you’ve ACTUALLY just woken up. Plus, bed head is cute!

Side boob selfie

how to take a selfie - side boob

Side boob is the new cleavage. Whether you’re blessed in the boob department or repping the itty-bitty brigade, you should learn to love your boobs. Saggy boobs matter. Big boobs matter. Small boobs matter. Whatever your pair look like, they’re your twins and you should feel amazing about them.

Legs for days

how to take a selfie - show off your legs

Give your legs a little love this Valentine’s day. Throw on your favourite heels and show off just how long they look. (Tall girls and petite girls alike).

Living for lingerie

how to take a selfie - lingerie selfie

Love isn’t just for you to give to others, it’s important to give it to yourself too. Nothing makes a gal feel fire like beautiful lingerie. If you need a hand picking out the perfect lingerie for your body shape, check out our handy guide here.

Off out on V-Day?

Want to stock up on some underwear?

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