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New year, new us. 6am sprints, kale smoothies for every meal, and an after-work spin class… Who are we kidding? We might manage to swap the lift for stairs at the office (for a few weeks at least). But just because we probably aren’t going to be turning into overnight gym bunnies, doesn’t mean we can’t invest in some brand new activewear. New clothes are the best motivation, right? If you’re not sure how to wear activewear outside of the gym, then don’t worry. Activewear looks great anywhere…

Spin class (or shopping)

missguided activewear

Spin class is seriously intensive, so if you’re ready to power pedal your January blues away then you’ll need an outfit that is sleek and won’t get caught in the bike mechanics. Cycle shorts are the obvious choice. And the best part? Kim Kardashian showed us these shorts are a fashion statement, so even if you’re more about pushing through queues in the shops than pushing those pedals, you can still rock this look.

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Yoga (or day drinking with the girls)

missguided activewear co-ord

Don’t be afraid to go for a co-ord with your sportswear. Matching your shorts with your hoodie is a winning combination. This is the perfect outfit for yoga, cause it’ll give you maximum flexibility to get into all your poses perfectly. Want to swap your downward dog for downing prosecco? Co-ords are your friend! You’ll show off your curves, look fab, and give the impression you’re all about fitness (even if you haven’t been in a gym in 5 years).

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Bootcamp (or Netflix and chill)

missguided activewear co-ord

Bootcamps can be brutal, but they really work! You’ll be lunging, swinging and squatting your way towards fitness. Possibly in a park. Probably in the rain. Make sure you wear layers, so you can strip off as you warm up – A long sleeved top layer or sweatshirt is a must during winter. Oh, and do you know what else sweatshirts are great for? Chilling at home, in front of the fire, cosy with a hot chocolate and a series on Netflix. 

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Kickboxing (or brunch)

missguided activewear co-ord

Who says you can’t look good while working out? If you need to let off some steam then kickboxing could be the answer. Opt for figure-hugging gym leggings with a matching sports bra for a put together outfit perfect for wearing outside the gym too… Why not head to brunch in this outfit? You’ll look like you’ve worked hard for that extra slice of avocado on toast (even if the only exercise you’ve had that morning is lifting your fork to your mouth).

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