10 Inspirational Women who #makeHERstory

At Missguided we are on a mission to empower babes everywhere. For International Women’s Day, we have rounded up our favourite babes that help babes. These 10 inspiring women are empowering, independent and not scared to stand up and be counted. They make up the ultimate Girl Squad.

Amber Rose

“F*ck yo opinion I do what I want”

Amber Rose has always been a #babeofmissguided. After collaborating with us in 2016, Amber Rose has gone on to become an influential figure in the women’s movement, reclaiming the word slut, supporting victims of slut shaming and actively speaking out against sexual violence and sexual discrimination. Amber’s mantra of ‘be a bad bitch’ makes MISSGUIDED love her even more. She applies this to every aspect of her life, be that love or business, she even wrote a book about it. Amber Rose believes a woman is many things, a mother, a boss, a friend and sometimes a S***. She is unapologetic and has a true DGAF attitude. Long live Amber Rose #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch our ultimate #ComebackQueen.


Munroe Bergdorf

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”

Munroe Bergdorf has a loud and powerful voice and is not afraid to use it. Last year catapulted Munroe into the public eye when she became the face of diversity for a beauty brand, only to have the title and campaign snatched away after standing up against racism. Missguided #standswithmunroe. In a world telling her to be quiet, she spoke up and continues to do so, for everyone within a minority. As well as being an activist Munroe is an established model and DJ, working as part of DJ collective and disco safe space queens Pxssy Palace. Munroe, as a black trans woman, is working towards a world where everyone can speak online without being judged or harassed, her goal is to actively improve the society we live in. Stay beautiful Munroe we love you.


Jourdan Dunn

“Fear is not an option”

For Jourdan Dunn ‘fear is not an option’. Discovered at 15 years old shopping in Primark she took the modelling world by storm becoming model of the year twice in 5 years. Jourdan forged a new path for black models. This struggle to achieve in an industry that did not value diversity or motherhood makes her work harder and faster! Jourdan has ‘you owe it to yourself to set the world of fire’ tattooed on her body, she wants to empower all women to take their adversity and channel into positivity. Jourdan has collaborated twice with MISSGUIDED with her LonDunn collection, her attitude infused both collections with a power that cannot be denied.


Nicki Minaj

“Independent bitches only”

Nicki Minaj knows exactly who she is. She is 100% women and 1 of the best rappers in the world. Minaj has said her early childhood struggle in Queens, helped fuel her drive to rise above the life her parents knew. “I’ve always had this female-empowerment thing in the back of my mind because I wanted my mother to be stronger, and she couldn’t be. I thought, ‘If I’m successful, I can change her life.'”2012 saw her explode as an artist after years of hard graft, with a performance at the super bowl and her smash hit album Pink Friday. Nicki has continued to win in the male-dominated music industry, instead of adapting, she has always been herself, branding herself as the original black Barbie. Last year Nicki decided on a whim to pay off her fans student debt after she realised many were struggling to achieve their dreams. Nicki is a socially conscious boss Bitch, what more could you want! We feelin’ you Nicki almost as much as you feelin’ yo’self.


Felicity Hayward

“Self Love Brings Beauty”

Meet @FelicityHayward, #babeofmissguided, model and founder of fashion brand This babe embraces self-love and female empowerment to the absolute full, because “flaws simply do not exist.” Felicity’s motto in life is self-love brings beauty, something she embraces every day. Inspiring babes from all around the globe to just be them and love what they see – inside and out. “Female empowerment is a collective of women who want to support each other and raise each other up. We go through so much as a woman, through our bodies, through our mental health, we are such amazing creatures. When we can work together and support each other, it’s such an amazing thing” Explore our #markyourmark campaign


Kate Moss

“Never complain. Never explain”

Kate Moss’s best friend in Naomi Campbell, need we say more! Moss’s model credentials are unrivalled with over 300 cover stories and some of the most iconic campaigns of all time under her belt. Moss has weathered so many scandals but always emerged like a phoenix from the fire, looking fabulous. Moss is the ultimate party girl and is unapologetic about seeking a good time, which is one of the reasons we love her. So much of British fashion has originated from Kate’s wardrobe, remember UGG boots and a dress? Only Kate could make that cool s**t. With a net worth of £40 million Moss has just opened her own model agency, she is not slowing down and not giving up!


Pamela Anderson

“The rule I live by is to be myself”

Pamela Anderson is our spirit animal. She collaborated with Missguided in 2016 to create the official babe uniform. Self-described ‘weird creature’ Pamela went from Playmate of the month to superstardom in cult classic Baywatch. Pamela is focused on empowering other women, ‘I think we live in a time where we women can do more than ever before, but still so many suffer. I know I’ve been given this life so I can help others dream.” She doesn’t apologise and lives her best life every day. Alongside being a 5-star bae Pamela became the spokesperson for MAC cosmetics AIDS fund in 2015 and campaigns constantly for animal rights on behalf of Peta. Click here to flashback to our collab with Pammy in 2016.


Ariana Grande

“Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?”

From Nickelodeon teeny bopper to killer headlining singer, this songstress has 118 million Instagram followers. Everything about Ariana is sweet apart from her potty mouth, which we LOVE. Although Ariana spends her time jetting around the world she seems to be relatable, with her love of bad boys, sugary snacks, and a huge heart. She proved this after the tragic terror attack during her concert in the UK, Grande returned to Manchester to raise money through her One Love Machester charity concert, she also brought her famous pals along. This selfless act raised 13 million dollars. Ariana is truly a Bad Bitch with a big heart.


Malala Yousafzai

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful”

Born in Pakistan, Malala is an activist for female education and became the youngest Nobel Prize laureate after campaigning for girl’s education despite fear of Taliban retaliation. When she was just 15 Malala was shot by the Taliban on her bus journey to school, after months of surgery and recovery Malala returned to school and now at 20 years old is a student at the University of Oxford philosophy, politics and economics and the founder of the Malala Fund, an organisation dedicated to give all girls access to education, and the #YesAllGirls campaign.



“Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you.”

When Missguided sleeps we dream of Rihanna. Can we all just watch this, wearing this, drinking Henny? The highlight of our year is always Rihanna’s carnival costumes and we are DESPERATE for Riri to leave a comment on our Instagram, or just give us a like, C’mon Riri!!! Every tune is a banger, every outfit a stunner, Riri is taking over the world and with the launch of Fenty cosmetics, Rihanna established herself as the brains and beauty. She has had her lows, she has had her highs (Wild thought’s) but where ever Riri is she always remains unapologetic!

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