Fanny Lyckman x Missguided – The Edit

We’ve caught up with Scandi mega-babe Fanny Lyckman on the launch of her second exclusive FANNY LYCKMAN x MISSGUIDED collection to talk all things inspo, beauty and fashion.

Q&A with Fanny Lyckman
fanny lyckman x missguided

What makes you feel empowered? 

Surrounding yourself with a lot of creative nice people that believe in you

What’s the one piece of advice you give to your female followers? 

To listen to yourself and make all of your decisions on what you think you should do and not what other people think you should do.

If you could describe the new collection in 3 words, what would they be?

Bold, sexy, and colourful

fanny lyckman x missguided

What makes you feel confident? 

I think I get confident by committing myself. If I get a project I give it my all

What inspired you for the second collection? 

A lot of things inspire me. Instagram street style art everything

If there’s one woman you’d love to meet, who would it be and why?

Honestly, I don’t know there are a lot of people I want to meet but I think Rihanna is probably number one on my list, she’s unreal

How do you want people to feel when they’re wearing the collection? 

I want them to feel sexy and cool and cocky

If there was one person you would love to see in the collection, who would it be?

Rihanna would look dope so if she wants anything she can just give me a holla

Quickfire Q’s

fanny lyckman x missguided

Personality or looks?


Oversized or bodycon? 


Birthday or Christmas? 


Night out or night in? 


Winter or Summer? 


Sneakers or stilettos?


Filter or no filter? 

No filter

Tatts or no tatts? 


Drake or Kanye? 


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