#KeepOnBeingYou – Meet Chiara

As part of our ongoing #keeponbeingyou series, we met up with @chiarabordi_ who is a 17 year old model from Italy. Although she suffered an accident when she was younger, this hasn’t stopped her from bossing her career. She doesn’t let her disability stop her from living her life, she still plays sport and travels the world.

“I used my disability and turned it into a positive purpose.”

“My motto is ‘take your time’.”

Chiara thinks that it’s really important to have someone like her as a model, to represent other people who also have a disability and to set an example on how to love yourself. She is a true ambassador of our #keeponbeingyou message, check out her Instagram for inspirational posts as well as a glimpse into her modelling career and scroll down for more photos as well as her video.