#keeponbeingyou – Shelby

As part of our ongoing #keeponbeingyou series, we interviewed fashion, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber @shelbykinsxo. Shelby doesn’t let anything stand in her way of achieving her goals, her positivity and determination makes her a force to be reckoned with! Shelby hopes to one day start her own fashion label that caters specifically for those with a disability and thinks that diversity is really important within the fashion industry.

“Keep On Being You means to be confident in your own skin, and not letting anyone in life tell you that you can’t do anything.”

“It’s important for the fashion industry to have diversity, because everyone needs someone that represents them… if everyone looked the same it would be boring!”

Check out Shelby’s video below, where she talks about her own personal life motto, how she overcomes the haters and loves her best life.

“If people tell me that I can’t do something, I usually just ignore them!”

Take a look now…