#makeyourmark – meet Emily

Emily Bador is a model who you’ve definitely seen before, recognisable from her block fringe and freckles she’s got that cool-girl look that is giving us major style envy. Not to mention her cute AF asthma inhaler tattoo! If you follow her on Instagram (@darth_bador), you’ll be well aware of her posts that promote self-love and appreciation. She reminds us that mental health is important, we need to look after ourselves!

“Female empowerment is supporting your sisters, it’s bringing up women and not bringing them down. It’s about supporting all women, whether they’re cisgendered, trans, whatever race, class, body type and sexuality.”

“Having representation and diversity is really important in the fashion industry, and I think finally it’s starting to change.”

“I love how strong my body is, it’s always been there for me, even if it needs a little bit of extra help along the way.”

“My life motto is don’t ever take yourself too seriously, celebrate yourself, have fun and always have a laugh whilst doing it.”


Check out her video here:

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