#makeyourmark – meet Felicity

Meet @FelicityHayward, #babeofmissguided, model and founder of fashion brand This babe embraces self love and female empowerment to the absolute full, because “flaws simply do not exist.” Felicity’s motto in life is self love brings beauty, something she embraces every day. Inspiring babes from all around the globe to just be them and love what they see – inside and out.

“Female empowerment is a collective of women who want to support each other and raise each other up. We go through so much as a woman, through our bodies, through our mental health, we are such amazing creatures. When we can work together and support each other, it’s such an amazing thing”

“I love promoting my body and my stretchmarks, I love promoting my cellulite.”

“I believe that flaws do not exist, I think flaws are something that’s created by the media to make people feel insecure and make money”

It’s absolutely time to embrace yourself. Take notes from Felicity and “remember to be unapologetically you.”


Watch her video here:

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