#makeyourmark – meet Jade

Meet mega babe, designer, artist and model Jade Laurice. Jade hand paints and illustrates onto clothing and accessories, her work is bold, bright, colourful and are must haves for personalised, one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that come with a strong message.

“I love my confidence, as much as I can be shy in certain situations, I think confidence just exudes from yourself.”


“Female empowerment is really important, women are really strong, being a feminist is really important.”

You can’t miss her on Instagram, with 34,400 followers she regularly posts photos of her work, style and positive messages. She gives us major hair envy, her silver braids are instantly recognisable, accompanied by her on trend styling and flawless make up – if she’s not already on your radar then get following.

“If you’re confident to promote yourself, it helps other women and especially the younger generation.”

Jade is a big believer is self-confidence, believing that it’s one of the most attractive qualities a person can have and that being confident enough to promote yourself helps other women especially the younger generation. Female empowerment is really important to Jade and she feels that it’s amazing for women to be sexy without being sexual objects.




Check out her video here:

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