May Horoscopes For Your Star Sign

Wanna know what the stars hold for your sign in May 2020? It’s been a tricky time for everyone recently, so take a look what’s in store for the month ahead and get a little clarity on how you’ve been feeling. Three planetary retrogrades are coming our way this month, meaning we may be faced with a host of new challenges, but at least this gives us something to focus on right?

Monthly horoscopes for every star sign

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Your birthday season has brought positive things for you, not only bozzy days and loads of gits, but you’ve been feeling more like your normal self. Everyone around you has been reflecting your good energy, colleagues are more likely to share your views and you are getting on with your friends even better than usual. This confidence boost should encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do something brave. Embrace the empowered vibes, speak your mind and remember that your point is VALID.


You may feel like the cabin fever is really getting to you this month, but remember to look forward to better times ahead. Restlessness will begin to takeover, but channel that into something that is positive and productive. Use your restless energy to start something new, pick up an old craft or to practice self care.


Your ruling planet Mercury joins Venus in your sign on the 11th of May and this may have a big impact to the way you are feeling. This may dampen your self esteem and make you feel a little sh*tty about yourself. DON’T LET THESE FEELING TAKE CONTROL. Put down that cheap box dye, avoid cutting up all your clothes and stop searching for new tattoos on Pinterest. This blip will pass and you will be feeling yourself again in no time.


During this time of stillness it can be easy to put pressure on yourself to be productive, especially when you see everyone on social media working out, crafting, reading and putting their time to good use. This can be enough to make you want to completely withdraw and just nap instead. Take this time to do what YOU wanna do, don’t bow down to social media.


Creating the boundaries between work and leisure time has become increasingly difficult for you, but try your best to challenge this and draw the line. Concentrate on your personal space and work on making it comfortable, productive and relaxing.


You will be craving a sense of stability and certainty in a difficult time. Put your efforts for building new relationships to one side and focus on yourself. You’re a hard worker and nobody doubts that, so use this time to throw yourself into your work without stressing about what people think of you.


Libras are usually carefree and easy going, but this month will see you putting organisation and preparation at the top of your to-do list. Use this as an opportunity to get you finances, accounts and personal admin sorted out.


This is your month to shine, feel grateful that your star sign is scorpio. All that hard work you’ve been doing has come to a light. It will feel as though you have been spinning plates over the last few weeks and finally you are receiving the recognition you deserve.


Use this month as an opportunity to reflect on your spending. This is your chance to fix any monetary issues before they happen. You may have overlooked your monthly budgets, so take this moment to rewind and get yourself organised before any damage is done.


This is a month of optimism for your star sign. This new sense of hope will not only propel you forward in your career, but it will also allow you to reflect on yourself, rebuild your confidence and show a little self love.


May is a month to get your ass into gear. Take this opportunity to reflect on how you can be more proactive in improving your health, development and confidence. Identify parts of your life that you need help with and reach out to your loved ones for support.


Mars will move into your sign this month, altering your usually-lowkey temper and amplifying it. Your reactions may be more dramatic than usual, making your moods a little unpredictable. Be careful not to upset anyone or speak out of turn, but remember your feelings are valid.

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