merry christmas babe

Merry Christmas babes! If your Christmas day is anything like ours; you woke up hungover from going out on Christmas Eve, younger siblings or cousins woke you up at 6am, eating chocolate by 8am and drunk before midday? Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year (we don’t judge), we hope you get everything you’ve hoped for.

2017 has been a hell of a year, we launched our #KeepBeingYou campaign, our mission to inspire our babes to be unashamedly themselves. It was all about embracing your flaws, ignoring the haters, celebrating what makes you unique and always striving to be that little bit extra. F*ck being perfect, just be you.

Following on from #KeepBeingYou, we decided to make a pledge to never retouch any of our models ‘imperfections’. From this, we created  #MakeYourMark, using real women who are all striving to empower other women through a message of self-love and appreciation. All images are totally untouched, showing stretchmarks (but we like to call them tiger stripes), cellulite and all other normal bodily features that as women, we all encounter in our lives. Your imperfections make you who you are, embrace it and love yourself.

We’re hoping to end the year on a high with positive vibes, and a final pic of our #babeofmissguided Dan Stanley. Here’s to you babe, keep on being you, merry Christmas and happy New Year!