MG Presents: The 2019 Icon Awards

We’ve rounded up the best internet moments, challenges, and celebrity couples of 2019. Basically this is the ultimate guide to all the cool sh*t that happened over the last year.

The Icon Awards

Forget the Oscars and the Grammys, everyone wants to win the Missguided Icon Awards 2019.

Best fashion moment goes to…

J Lo. Yes we are talking about that ICONIC moment when she took to the Versace runway, 20 years after her original debut.

Best reality TV moment goes to….

Love Island’s Amy Hart. Can we all just take a hot minute to remember this heartbreaking moment? “I was coming back here to tell you that I loved you.”

Best celebrity couple goes to…

Mr and Mrs Bieber. Name a hotter couple, I dare you, I DARE YOU. We are, and forever will be, obsessed with their wedding photos.

The best internet challenge goes to…

The Bottle Cap Challenge! Obviously we had to try it out at Missguided HQ. In case you missed it, take a look at our social team absolutely smashing the challenge below..

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Just another day in the office @missguided completing the #waterbottlechallenge 💦… If any football teams are interested I’m available 😇

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The best new artist goes to…

Lizzo, obviously. 2019 has been the year of Lizzo and we couldn’t be more here for it. Long may she reign.

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The best internet newcomer goes to…

Andy King. One thing that the Fyre Festival documentary has taught us, is that he’s always willing to take one for the team.

The best meme goes to…

Baby Yoda! A latecomer to the meme game in 2019, the adorable little Yoda just beat ‘Woman Yelling at a Cat’ to first place.

That’s it for this year’s awards, but check back to the BabeZine for your fix of celeb news, memes, fashion tips and beauty hacks for 2020.

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