Missguided Discovered: Cici

Meet Cici, she’s a cool-girl DJ, producer and cosmic babe, currently killing it in her field. We caught up with her to talk all things music, crystals, clothes and Ibiza.

Cici grew up in Dublin and went on to study fine arts, before moving to London seven years ago. Since then her music career has blown up, leading to Ibiza residencies and sets at WHP and Fabric to name a few.

You can catch her playing at the Warehouse Project Elrow show on 14th December…

Read the full interview below…

Hey Cici great to meet you, tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Cici and I’m a DJ and Producer from Dublin who’s been residing in London for seven years. My passions include Music and Art of all forms. I’m completely obsessed with Dogs (in all forms) and anything related to the wonders of the cosmos. I love being immersed in nature, cooking and taking naps in my spare time.

How would you describe your signature sound?

If you heard me play in a club, my sound would be very house, acid and techno based but takes influence from jazz, world music, disco and other styles. I think it’s incredibly important for me as a DJ to be adaptable to different environments and not be confined to one style of musical expression.

Growing up in Dublin, what sort of nights out were your favourite?

I started DJing ten years ago this year when I was in college, running club nights with my friend Saz around the city, they were always super fun nights out. The Pod was somewhere I also loved to go. I saw so many incredible DJs and acts play there and was lucky enough to be involved before it closed.

Does your passion for crystals and cosmic energy have an effect on your music?

Yes I would say they both work in unison. Everything stems from people’s energy and music is such a reflection of that. I love crystal bowl solfeggio frequencies and how they can heal and reset. Anyone looking for a crystal to complement a musical endeavour should seek ones with a violet tone as they are known to be the most effective ie. Amethyst, Lithium Quartz and Ametrine. I think that’s why Ibiza is such an important place to me, as I feel that the music and energy really connect.

If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing instead? 

I originally studied a fine art degree but then dropped out to work in music many moons ago. So it’s likely I would be a painter, sculptor or designer of some sort. Truth be told I do miss those practices in my life and plan to one day reignite them. Always in something creative though!

What’s your favourite ever night out as a DJ or attendee?

A beautiful tropical outdoor destination would be my favourite scene, but a dark sweaty basement full of people going nuts would be my favourite feeling. With the right music and crowd I don’t feel it differs, if the party is good then it doesn’t matter whether you’re stood in front of the DJ decks or behind them. 

If the party is good then it doesn’t matter whether you’re stood in front of the DJ decks or behind them. 


If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I would like to see hear the music speaking louder than the marketing. I think in this current musical climate there’s too much focus on advertising. There’s so many incredible musicians and producers putting out electrifying tunes, that this should be what’s at the forefront but unfortunately it’s sometimes lost.

Who’s your style inspiration & why? 

Daphne Guinness she’s always immaculately dressed to kill, or like she’s just arrived late to her EX’s funeral. Love it. 

What was your favourite moment from your Ibiza residencies this summer?

I’m so lucky to get to share my music in Ibiza, especially doing multiple residencies you start to see the same faces coming to different shows as they love the music you’re playing. It just creates such a special party. Some of my favourite moments are definitely at my Cosmic Pineapple residency in Pikes. I got to hang out with friends and dance all day and night in Freddie Mercury’s old suite, now turned dancefloor, it really is the quintessential Ibiza vibe!

What piece of music have you been most proud of so far?

I recently played at The Fold in London for the Superfreq event. I loved that set and the energy from the crowd was hypnotic. I’m still getting messages now from people who just got so lost in the music I played. It feels really great to know that I can communicate with a crowd like that through a mix.

 Even since uploading it to SoundCloud, the reaction it’s getting is just unreal. The other day I got the sweetest email from someone who’d discovered the mix online. He wasn’t even based in the same country, yet was so desperate to know the name of one of the tracks, he’d hunted down my email!

What have you got coming up on the agenda for 2020?

Lots of studio time! Next month I’m playing the brand new venue for The Warehouse Project, Depot. I love the WHP crowd and as the event is now sold out I know it’s going to be a fun one. I’m also about to announce a return to Fabric, London which I’m extremely excited about. It’s so incredible to be able to share my music in these legendary institutions. Everywhere I play is listed on my Facebook so keep an eye on there for future line ups!

Quickfire Questions with Cici 🔥

Top 3 songs on repeat:

Amir Alexander – Realest Of The Real
DJ Seinfeld – Lillium
Asquith – Let Me (rave mix) 

1 item of clothing you can’t live without 

Doc Martens 

What tv show are you binge-watching?


Favourite comfort food


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