Missguided Discovered: RVBY

We caught up with babe on the rise, RVBY to chat about her new single, her creative processes and her sense of style.

The 21-year-old Bristol-born singer released her debut single L.O.V.E last year. Since then she has been touring and gigging across the UK, before releasing her single Wildfire in February. Although she is still early in her music career, she has already had support from BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy and has played festivals nationwide.

Take a listen to RVBY’s new single Wildfire below, she also created all of the stop-motion animation herself. Pretty impressive right? Scroll down for the full Q+A.

Hey RVBY thanks for chatting to us, how are you?

Howdy hey! I’m great thank you!

How has the reception been to your new single?

The reception has been beautiful! It’s really daunting, when you haven’t release a track in a while, to see whether people will still want to be on your journey with you. I feel unbelievably content with the reactions and overall support from everyone – an amazing feeling.

You created the amazing music video for Wildfire. That got us wondering, have you always expressed yourself through art?

I did, thank you so much! I have always expressed myself through art and it really has an equal place in my heart alongside music. When I was younger I used to get creative with every opportunity I possibly could and that involved making stop motions with my barbie dolls and making robots out of boxes and toilet roll tubes! It’s another therapy for me and now I’m just so into painting and illustrating I had to find a way to get this into my music.

“When I was younger I used to get creative with every opportunity I possibly could”


Did you grow up in a musical or artistic family?

My family are so artistic and musical! When me and my brother were younger we used to ride in the van with my dad’s band to all their shows on weekends. We were surrounded by music constantly and loved every second of it. My mum is so artistic and I would always have the best fancy dress costumes at school because of her – the effort was real!

What do you like to do when you aren’t creating music?

I love to play football as it was something I spent most of my childhood pursuing. I also love to hunt for stage clothes in vintage and charity shops, which is a passion my bank account has questions about! I have so many ideas in my head about things I’d love to do, so at the moment I’m busy planning the next thing which is a music night I’d love to put on in London – so keep an eye out!

As a big country fan, who were your musical style icons growing up?

The queen of country herself of course, Dolly Parton! She is such an idol for me and I also used to sing my heart out to all of Lady Antebellum’s banging albums. The first country show I ever saw was Striking Matches who, to this day, are my absolute favourite band ever. I actually had a huge crush on Keith Urban too .. “ had”.

What do you wear to feel most confident when you perform on stage?

I wear something strong, attention seeking and an outfit that will make people just have to stare. I love wearing sequins, flares and bright colours. I have a 70’s phase going on at the moment too, so I’ve been going for a lot of denim on denim. I always have a pair of heeled gogo boots on, those are essential!

What’s your favourite gig that you have ever performed?

I supported an artist called James Gillespie when he sold out The Louisiana in Bristol. His fans were absolutely incredible and fully immersed in the music with me throughout the whole set, it was magical!

What’s on the cards for 2020?

I’m really focusing on songwriting and producing this year. I have lots of sessions coming up where I’ll get to work with so many talented artists. I’m going to be releasing more music and gigging as much as I can, it’s all exciting!

Quickfire questions with RVBY 🔥

What’s your favourite comfort food? 🍕

Bangers and mash and loads of gravy!

What three items of clothing can’t you live without? 🛍️

My flares, white heeled boots and my bunt orange leather jacket.

What’s the favourite city you have visited? ✈️


What TV show are you binge watching at the minute? 🍿

Hunters on Amazon Prime!

What’s your go-to drink at the bar? 🍸

A bottle of Corona … or… TEQUILAAA!

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