The most influential women of 2018

 2018 wasn’t short of influential women who inspired us. Here are the women we look up to and are changing the world for the better.

 Ariana Grande

influential women

What we really love about Ariana is her pure soul and her strong exterior when it comes to some truly tragic events. In 2017, during one of her tour dates in Manchester, a bomb attack killed 22 people. In the aftermath, Ariana was devastated by the events and did everything she could to heal the hearts of those who lost loved ones, including paying for funeral costs and hosting a charity concert to raise money for survivors. Along with this, she, unfortunately, lost her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller late last year, broke off her engagement with Pete Davidson and came out kicking and screaming with our fave song of the year, Thank U, Next! Basically, Ariana, we love your strength and your attitude. You are our role model.

Meghan Markle 

influential women

Not only is she the most beautiful princess we have ever seen, but the first woman of colour to marry into the royal family, which is a huge sign of progression at the house of Windsor. We look up to Meghan for many reasons, with the main one being her work to speak out on gender equality, “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist”. Finally, a woman who uses her voice to empower women and doesn’t apologise for being who she is. In fact, on the first public engagement as a member of the Royal family, in her first speech, she spoke about the importance of the #metoo campaign along with using your voice as a woman to change the world for the better. For that reason, you are one of our role models of the year.

Chrissy Tiegan 

influential women

Chrissy will always be one of the realest women we follow on Instagram. She has not only been blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter last year and has yet to be unblocked (this in itself makes us want to give her a standing ovation), but is a strong believer of the reality of having children. This includes everything from body confidence, breastfeeding, and refusing to apologise for her stretch marks and her reclaimed “mom bod”, and that is why we love her! Instagram is cool and all, but sometimes we get lost in what we believe we should look like, even after having children. We all need to be a bit more like Chrissy. Un-apologetically, REAL! 

Jameela Jamil 

influential women

Moving on to one of our favourite British actresses who has been taking the US  by storm in The Good Place. Jameela is one of our role models of 2018 for her IWeigh campaign across social media. The campaign focuses on weighing yourself based on your successes, and things you are thankful for, rather than what the scales tell you. For example, I weigh, good friends, a great job, and a loving family. For this, Jameela, we love you!

Serena Williams

influential women

Serena Williams is an obvious role model for her achievements in tennis and unapologetically confident demeanour. The 37-year-old has won the most grand-slams in the history of professional tennis, whilst also winning the Australian open in 2016 whilst 8 weeks pregnant! After having her baby girl Alexis in late 2017, she is of course back on the court to play the Australian open AGAIN in 2019. Serena is inspirational and a prime example of the role model we all need. Remember to care less about what people think or say about you and care more about YOU!

Winnie Harlow

influential women

2018 was a BIG year for Winnie Harlow. Not only was she on everyone’s radar as one of the most sought-after models of the year, but she also walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which is a huge step forward in making the brand more diverse. Winnie is showing us that we are powerful women, despite the ideals that the industry shows us. She also pointed out how hard she had worked for her wings, with an emotional Instagram post, showing how she broke down into tears after hearing the news. Here’s to strong women, working hard and getting the recognition they deserve!

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